Fractured Shoulder

fractured_shoulderAbout 3 years ago, I had a sequence of paranormal events happen to me at my home.  It all started with small unexplained events.  My television would turn itself on and off in the middle of the night. My bed would feel as if someone was sitting on it or even crawling over me.  I was also being touched and having my hair pulled, when I was asleep and when I was awake.  I constantly felt like someone was following me everywhere I went. Next, my door bell kept ringing in a rapid sequence in the middle of the night. My husband was trying to debunk it and could not find any explanations.  The last straw was broken when I was shoved to the ground, very violently, on 3 separate occasions.  The last one, I was shoved so hard that I was thrown across my front porch and I slid into my security door, fracturing my shoulder.  I felt like I was being attacked and I had to find some help very quickly.

I was referred to Tracy Huffman and I called her immediately!  Tracy and her husband John did not hesitate to come to my home and offer help.  After about an hour of explaining everything to them, Tracy performed the necessary procedures needed to protect myself, as well as my home and property.  After the first session, I no longer felt like someone was hovering over me, and to my relief, I was not being physically hurt anymore.  After the second session, all of the activity in my home diminished and stopped.  I live life now free from attacks and fear.

I want to thank Tracy and her husband John for their deep concern and care.  I don’t really know what would have happened without their help.

Modesto, CA

Meditation Music

Acoustic-Pyramid-Invocation-Cover-Art-768x768more to music

Applied Resonance Systems, Inc. has developed a wonderful product for use with everyone.  The power of music to assist in healing, improved cognitive function, pain control, improved sleep and overall mood is by now well established in scientific research from all over the world.  Research has shown that the positive effects of music really are not about the lyrics, but about the sounds and rhythms of the music.  Excitable music results in increased heart rate and similar effects.  However, slower paced music, especially with rhythms of around 60 beats per minute, has calming, healing effects.

If you practice meditation, or would like to practice meditation, you will find the Acoustical Pyramid very helpful. 

It will help to calm the ego-mind in order to enter a state of peace and quiet.  If you want a good night’s sleep you may also find the Acoustical Pyramid very helpful.  And if you travel you may find it helpful for jet-lag.  Most people report that they can feel a shift in consciousness within seconds of listening.  We believe you will find your ability to concentrate improves, and our proprietary sounds will have other benefits.  The “yamma-yamma” of the ego-mind will calm, If you immerse yourself in the sounds.

Your intuitive abilities may expand and you may experience more frequent, pleasant dreams and awaken from sleep feeling more refreshed.

Teaser Trailer up – SOUND: The Vibration of Healing


“In the beginning was the word…” states the book of Genesis in the Jewish and Christian scriptures.  They believe that the spoken word manifested the formative world around us, and they are not alone in this thought.  Sound has always been at the heart of cultures from around the globe as a means to tell stories, to give identity, and most importantly to heal pain and suffering.  Today, sound is used in a variety of Eastern and Western medical practices as a tool to heal the mind, body, and spirit.  This feature length documentary will explore one of America’s fastest rising cause of illness, STRESS,  and show how these therapy’s can give us a better quality of life.

For more information, contact Thomas at: or visit

Basics of Spiritual Protection Workshop – 01/11/14

Spiritual Protection Class

Jan 11, 2014 Class

If you haven’t signed up yet for this course, it is a MUST for any person dealing with the Paranormal, spiritual activity, and empathic abilities. (more…)

The Oracle of Dr. John Dee

Great article for those interested in Tarot and the Occult

NEW VIDEO | Spiritual Protection pt 2: The Mind

The second of three videos by the Paranormal Consultation Network ( that discusses the topic of Spiritual Protection for people experiencing hauntings, Paranormal Investigators, or for people who are empathic, or hyper-sensitive to the energies around them.  In Part 2, Consultant Thomas Durant discusses the reasons for spiritual protection and discusses the importance in being of sound mind using meditation, prayer, and yoga, as well as giving visualizations to help “ground’.

Basics of Spiritual Protection Workshop

Basics of Spiritual Protection Workshop

This one-day course will give an introductory understanding and working knowledge to students seeking to expand their ability to protect themselves spiritually; whether they are empathic, psychic, paranormal investigators, or have a haunted home, there is something in this class for everyone.

We will discuss the strength of using visualizations, the power of intention, objects of power/talismen, herbs, stones, incense, oils, belief, etc. Students will also learn how to “muscle test” the various protective items to get a feel for exactly how they can help, and finally students will get to put together their own “Ju-ju bag” (aka Medicine Bag or pouch) as a take home gift for the course. For more information or to sign up, please email us at The course will go from 1pm until 5pm and seats are already filling up. Contact us to reserve your spot today.

Photo ©2013 Thomas Durant

NEW VIDEO | Spiritual Protection pt 1: The Body

The first of three videos by the Paranormal Consultation Network ( that discusses the topic of Spiritual Protection for people experiencing hauntings, Paranormal Investigators, or for people who are empathic, or hyper-sensitive to the energies around them. In Part 1, Consultant Thomas Durant discusses the reasons for spiritual protection and delves into the importance of health and wellness, how spirits can manipulate us through our diet and habits, and what people can do to keep their physical body fortified from spirit attacks.

Want To Learn About Spiritual Protection?

Hello everyone,

I have been guided to start doing classes and small lectures once again. For as much as I can write up and put on this website (or through various other outlets), sometimes it just takes the personal touch to teach people to help themselves. I am hoping to start with a “Basic Spiritual Protection” course that I would give here in Burbank, CA sometime in late August early September. (more…)

Finding Hope: From a Client’s Perspective

We’ve been in our current home for over 16 years now. The paranormal activity started the night we moved in and has increased to a malevolent nature over the years. I, members of my family, and visitors have had experiences that are unexplainable. We’ve had slamming doors, heavy footsteps, the sound of something being thrown, objects moved and destroyed, toys turning on, televisions turning on and off at all hours, lights turning on and off, all members have heard their names called, (more…)