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The Oracle of Dr. John Dee

The Consultants, Help for a Haunting, Spiritual Protection, Mediumship/Psychic education, Reiki


Great article for those interested in Tarot and the Occult

My Curious Cabinet


I always have this ridiculous idea that – being short of time – I shall write a short, succinct review here (like other people do), talking about card size, spreads included in the companion book, the history behind the deck and all that. But I digress (as my history teacher always used to say) and I end up rambling somewhat and anyway, these concrete, indisputable facts about a deck tend to bore me slightly so let me start off here with my rambling, unapologetic digression at the outset. Because I have been thinking about oracles a lot recently and – marvellously on cue – one arrived a couple of days ago; John Matthews’ and Wil Kinghan’s Oracle of Dr John Dee (more of that later). But I am ambivalent about oracles. I am ambivalent abpout the perjorative tone sometimes used to talk about them, even some of the better ones…

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