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NEW VIDEO | Spiritual Protection pt 1: The Body

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The first of three videos by the Paranormal Consultation Network (www.ParanormalConsultationNetwork.org) that discusses the topic of Spiritual Protection for people experiencing hauntings, Paranormal Investigators, or for people who are empathic, or hyper-sensitive to the energies around them. In Part 1, Consultant Thomas Durant discusses the reasons for spiritual protection and delves into the importance of health and wellness, how spirits can manipulate us through our diet and habits, and what people can do to keep their physical body fortified from spirit attacks.


  1. NetherRealm says:

    Reblogged this on NetherRealm Investigations and commented:
    It’s amazing how many people start out thinking that they are immune to spirit energy because they are skeptical. If you want to investigate, invest in your personal safety first.

  2. Johne267 says:

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