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Applied Resonance Systems, Inc. has developed a wonderful product for use with everyone.  The power of music to assist in healing, improved cognitive function, pain control, improved sleep and overall mood is by now well established in scientific research from all over the world.  Research has shown that the positive effects of music really are not about the lyrics, but about the sounds and rhythms of the music.  Excitable music results in increased heart rate and similar effects.  However, slower paced music, especially with rhythms of around 60 beats per minute, has calming, healing effects.

If you practice meditation, or would like to practice meditation, you will find the Acoustical Pyramid very helpful. 

It will help to calm the ego-mind in order to enter a state of peace and quiet.  If you want a good night’s sleep you may also find the Acoustical Pyramid very helpful.  And if you travel you may find it helpful for jet-lag.  Most people report that they can feel a shift in consciousness within seconds of listening.  We believe you will find your ability to concentrate improves, and our proprietary sounds will have other benefits.  The “yamma-yamma” of the ego-mind will calm, If you immerse yourself in the sounds.

Your intuitive abilities may expand and you may experience more frequent, pleasant dreams and awaken from sleep feeling more refreshed.


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