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Need Help with a Haunting?


Thousands of people experience hauntings all over the world.  The phenomena is very real, and for those who are seeking help or relief, we have created an in-depth and extensive process which is meant to truly help us get to the “root” of these experiences and give our clients the help they need and deserve.  If you are seeking help with your paranormal experiences, please use this simple form to contact us, and you will receive our full questionnaire within a week to get you started on getting the help you need.


  1. Lou says:

    Why would you need a phone number?
    I need help, but im not spreading my phone number around the web…

    • We don’t publicly post the phone numbers, it merely goes to an email form so that we can get in contact with the potential client. Confidentiality is our main priotity next to finding the best way to help those seeking it from us.

  2. jennifer orosz says:

    Please give me some insight if you can I am a bit scared.

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