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Teaser Trailer up – SOUND: The Vibration of Healing

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“In the beginning was the word…” states the book of Genesis in the Jewish and Christian scriptures.  They believe that the spoken word manifested the formative world around us, and they are not alone in this thought.  Sound has always been at the heart of cultures from around the globe as a means to tell stories, to give identity, and most importantly to heal pain and suffering.  Today, sound is used in a variety of Eastern and Western medical practices as a tool to heal the mind, body, and spirit.  This feature length documentary will explore one of America’s fastest rising cause of illness, STRESS,  and show how these therapy’s can give us a better quality of life.

For more information, contact Thomas at: TomyD@TomyD.com or visit http://www.ParanormalConsultationNetwork.org


  1. Man that has been pretty entertaining and at the same time beneficial. ’:;;.

  2. New revolutionary method of curing even the most perilous ailments is Healing with sounds. These healing sounds are produced using various sound emitting instruments and electronically controlled concluding into sound formulas.

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