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Finding Hope: From a Client’s Perspective

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We’ve been in our current home for over 16 years now. The paranormal activity started the night we moved in and has increased to a malevolent nature over the years. I, members of my family, and visitors have had experiences that are unexplainable. We’ve had slamming doors, heavy footsteps, the sound of something being thrown, objects moved and destroyed, toys turning on, televisions turning on and off at all hours, lights turning on and off, all members have heard their names called, and I’ve been physically attacked. These are just some of the experiences we’ve had. My husband and I even tried having our home blessed by a pastor friend of ours who knew nothing of the activity in our home. During the blessing he received an electrical shock to his hand when he touched the outside of our home. I finally tried to seek help when our grandchild came to live with us and he started seeing a figure and hearing a voice telling him to do unthinkable things. He was in therapy, examined by his physician and then psychiatrists and eventually put on drugs to quiet the voice and eliminate the figure he was seeing. None of it worked.
I can’t tell you how isolating this experience has been. Attempts to find help proved fruitless at every turn. I tried to figure it out on my own turning to the internet for sound advice but found none. I tried contacting experienced paranormal groups but repeated requests for help went unanswered. Out of desperation I made one more attempt to reach out to a well-known paranormal investigator/demonologist that put me in touch with David and Tomy. Their knowledge and experience proved invaluable. They were kind, compassionate, professional, and discrete. After examining the details of our case they gave me information on how to battle the dark force within our home.
Our grandchild had been on medications for a month by the time David contacted us and the figure and voice were still present which had doctors scratching their heads. I was told both should have disappeared within a week of starting medications. David and Tomy gave me specific things to do while I waited for an investigation of our home. While following their instructions I gave our grandchild no explanations as to why I was doing what I was told to do other than it would help him sleep well. Within two weeks the figure and the voice were gone. David phoned me at the two-week mark to see how we all were doing. When I reported the positive progress he remarked that if their directions are closely followed it takes about two weeks to see improvement.
The day before David first contacted me I prayed. I told God that I knew he was with me even in my darkest hours but what I could use was Him with skin on. I needed someone in human form to help guide me and He answered. Our case isn’t quite closed yet but peace is primary in our home. David and Tomy are still in contact and I’m hopeful that closure is near. They have given me confidence and armed me for this battle. I’ll be forever grateful for their help.
My hope is that by writing this, if you are experiencing a similar problem, you’ll find hope and help as I did and know you are not alone.

Mark 16:17 And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will cast out demons; they will speak in new tongues;

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