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fractured_shoulderAbout 3 years ago, I had a sequence of paranormal events happen to me at my home.  It all started with small unexplained events.  My television would turn itself on and off in the middle of the night. My bed would feel as if someone was sitting on it or even crawling over me.  I was also being touched and having my hair pulled, when I was asleep and when I was awake.  I constantly felt like someone was following me everywhere I went. Next, my door bell kept ringing in a rapid sequence in the middle of the night. My husband was trying to debunk it and could not find any explanations.  The last straw was broken when I was shoved to the ground, very violently, on 3 separate occasions.  The last one, I was shoved so hard that I was thrown across my front porch and I slid into my security door, fracturing my shoulder.  I felt like I was being attacked and I had to find some help very quickly.

I was referred to Tracy Huffman and I called her immediately!  Tracy and her husband John did not hesitate to come to my home and offer help.  After about an hour of explaining everything to them, Tracy performed the necessary procedures needed to protect myself, as well as my home and property.  After the first session, I no longer felt like someone was hovering over me, and to my relief, I was not being physically hurt anymore.  After the second session, all of the activity in my home diminished and stopped.  I live life now free from attacks and fear.

I want to thank Tracy and her husband John for their deep concern and care.  I don’t really know what would have happened without their help.

Modesto, CA

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