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Here is the spot to check out all of our previously published articles.  Just click on the titles below to be brought to the article’s page.


Spirit Classifications, by Thomas Durant

Paranormal 101, by David Harvey

Research: The Paranormal CSI, by David Harvey

What is Reiki, by Jennifer Durant

Gemstones: Magical and Protective Uses, by Thomas Durant

Angels & Gifts, by Heather Huerta

Ouija Boards: Play at Your Own Peril, by David Harvey

Spiritual Protection Article PT 1: The Body, by Thomas Durant

Natural Pest Remedy, by Thomas Durant

So You Think Your House Is Haunted, by David Harvey

Finding Hope: A Client’s Perspective, by CONFIDENTIAL

Spiritual Protection Video PT 1: The Body, by Thomas Durant

Spiritual Protection Video PT 2: The Mind, by Thomas Durant


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