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The Consultants

Tracy Huffman


Paranormal Consultant Spiritual Cleaner/Healer

A psychic medium since birth with nearly 20 years of experience with the supernatural and demonic, Tracy is a Cleaner. Through guidance of the Holy Spirit she assists those in need of clearing demonic activity in their homes. A practitioner of the healing arts, she holds a masters certificate in Usui Reiki as well as an advanced DNA certificate in Theta Healing®. She lives in Northern California with her husband John of over 30 years. Together they have two children and four grandchildren. You can contact Tracy at healingenergyworker@gmail.com


Tomy Durant

Tomy Durant

Paranormal Consultant, Demonologist, Radio Host

A dedicated husband and Paranormal Consultant with over 12 years in the Paranormal and Occult Sciences, Tomy has devoted his life to helping clients experiencing malevolent hauntings.   He has studied a wide range of theologies and belief systems in order to clearly identify, categorize, and safely resolve cases of demonic or discordant spirit attacks.  Tomy has consulted with teams and individuals throughout the world to overcome negative activity and bring peace once again to those in need.

Since 2007, Tomy has been Co-Host / Co-Producer of the Altered States Paranormal Podcast (www.AlteredStatesParaRadio.com) which currently airs on the Planet Paranormal Network and has a worldwide following.  The goal of the show was to spread in depth information about a wide variety of paranormal happenings to the global audience.  Altered States covered everything from Cryptozoology, Demonology, Ufology, Ancient Civilizations, and many other topics.  Currently, Thomas is launching a new podcast for the LIVE PARANORMAL network entitled “PCN’s Paranormal Helpline” where each week callers can ask questions about cases, paranormal occurrences, and ask for advice about spiritual protection.

Thomas lectures all over the country at Paranormal Conferences as well as on College and University campuses sharing his experiences while working to educate the public on the possible hazards, threats, and dangers that Paranormal Investigators face.

Jennifer Durant

Jen Durant

Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master/Teacher and Massage Therapist

Jen Durant has 7 years of experience in Paranormal studies and investigation. In 2008 she attained the level of Reiki Master/Teacher and has used her gifts and skills to help spread light and healing to a number of individuals, both living and deceased, as well as to animals. She also teaches all levels of Usui Reiki Healing.

Following a true “Healer’s Path”, Jen underwent extensive training with various Spiritualists and Healers in areas of Psychic awareness, Sound Therapy, Chakra Reading and Balancing, Energy Readings, Mediumship and Guided Meditation techniques.

Following her higher calling, and wishing to use her abilities to help others, she was lead to receive certification as a Massage Therapist in the state of CA. Jen’s unique sensitivities allow her to connect with people and intuitively ascertain problematic areas. Through Aroma Therapy Techniques, Energy work and Sound Therapy combined with Massage, Jen holistically treats each and every client’s needs, immersing them in a full healing experience.

David Harvey

Paranormal Consultant, Researcher, Radio Host

David Harvey is an independent paranormal case manager and researcher with extensive experience on residential cases and historic sites. David is the former historian and researcher for The Pasadena Paranormal Research Society, and the co-producer, co-host, and music director for Altered States Paranormal Radio Podcast http:www.AlteredStatesParaRadio.com

David gives numerous lectures and radio interviews on the topic of the Paranormal and is also the instructor for the Sept. 2012 online course, “Things Shouldn’t Go Bump in the Night: Paranormal Investigations in Museums and Historic Sites” for Museum Classes Online (http://museumclasses.org/)

David has over 30 years experience in the museum and cultural preservation fields. He has been a museum blacksmith, an archaeologist, and historian. His long current career as a professional museum, art, artifact, architecture, monuments, and sculpture conservator and museum consultant with projects ranging from The Alaska State Museum to The Metropolitan Museum of Art , and a close encounter with the first artifacts that were raised from the RMS Titanic.

Kathryn Waite Paulsen

Kathryn Wilson

Psychic Medium / Paranormal Investigator

For 9 years now, Kathryn has been actively working as a Paranormal Investigator and Psychic Medium in southern California. Currently, she consults with various teams and investigators throughout the country, helping to solve negative and problematic hauntings, and utilizing her mediumship abilities to help both spirit and living clients.

As a medium, Kathryn connects with loved ones that have crossed over, to bring comfort to family and friends of the deceased. As an investigator, she provides important information that helps lead to an understanding for what or who is haunting the building, and why the spirit may be there. Always, first and foremost, her desire is to help other people with her gifts and offer help to others who are coming into their own awareness of psychic abilities or sensitivities.

Kathryn also hosts an online radio program on the http://www.LiveParanormal.com network entitled “Spooky Kathy” in which she interviews guests from all facets of the paranormal community and helps them to share their information and stories with a wide audience on the web. You can contact Kathryn at spookykathyradio@gmail.com.

Reverend Benny Huerta DD

Heather Raymond-Huerta DD/RMT

(Benny) Ordained Minister & Paranormal Investigator(Heather) Spiritual Counselor & Museum Curator

(Benny) Ordained Minister & Paranormal Investigator
(Heather) Spiritual Counselor & Museum Curator

As Paranormal Investigators, “We want to help others know how they can protect themselves and be safe on investigations.”

A husband and wife Paranormal Team, Paranormal Movement Investigations is known as the “Official Ghost Hunting Team for the City of Porterville, CA”.  They both grew up in  Porterville and are very active in their community, working hard to help preserve the history of their hometown.  Benny and Heather are historians for the small city and host a “Facts & Legends” walking tour of Downtown Porterville, as well as hosting paranormal investigations at the Zalud House Museum, a notably haunted historic home.

As Curator, Heather Huerta shares insights from one of the original families of Porterville, while helping young and novice investigators practice safe, and fruitful investigative techniques within the museum.  Heather’s life experiences have taught her much about who she is today.  She has extensive experience working with individuals providing crises counseling, healthcare, and business management.

Benny Huerta is an Ordained Minister and Paranormal Investigator as well as a specialist in Building Systems.  Benny’s expertise in Building Systems makes him more aware of natural phenomena and mechanical issues that may be falsely attributed as paranormal activity.  This has earned him the title of “Debunker”.  Benny also has a keen ear for, and an uncanny ability to capture Electronic Voice Phenomena, which has made him the “EVP Specialist” for PMI.

Benny and Heather rely on their problem solving skills and intelligence to provide thorough and comprehensive paranormal investigations to clients in need.  Through faith and instincts, they are able to recognize when spirits are near and have the ability to Discern benevolent from malevolent spirits.  Benny and Heather’s bond gives them much strength, but they also have an unshakeable faith in God, and believe God and His Angels are around them at all times protecting them from evil.  They believe in the powers of Christian Spiritual Warfare to stand up against evil, non-human, spirits and utilize Holy Water, Holy Oils, and Prayer to bring peace and refuge to their clients.  They believe on “Keeping it Real”, and focus on teaching others the importance of paranormal protection, recognizing the signs of malevolent spirit attacks, and giving clients the tools they need to free themselves from spiritual oppression.  As spiritual counselors, they can help guide clients with integrity and commitment to a better understanding of the unseen world.

Michelle Tedrow

Psychic Medium, Spiritual Counselor

Psychic Medium, Spiritual Counselor

Michelle Tedrow, founder of the Lightworkers Foundation, is an accomplished psychic medium, investigator, teacher, lecturer and spirit sketch artist.

Michelle was born with the gift of seeing spirit. As early as she can remember she had visions of ghosts but she was encouraged to ignore them. In 2002, after losing her brother Mike, she received a vivid vision of her brothers accident which sent her on a journey of spiritual awakening.

Michelle believes continual study is necessary to stay connected. Growth and development is part of her committment to spirit and her clients. She continues to study under the tutelage of the talented psychic detective Pam Coronado and has many mentors she consults with on a regular basis.

In 2008, Michelle was asked to develop and lead a team of Psychic Investigators for a Fresno based TAPS affiliated paranormal group. She assisted many families in her ghost investigation work. She then started a development circle open to the public and taught classes at the local adult learning center. She can now regularly be seen teaching and speaking on spiritual matters throughout Central California.

Michelle launched the Lightworker’s Foundation with a team of esteemed professionals with a mission dedicated to exploring spiritual gifts and knowledge. “I can’t ask for a better more fulfilling career, I get to sit in awe and witness miracles everyday.” said Michelle.

Michelle generously donates psychic investigative or medium work to victims of violent crimes families. She keeps her medium readings at a price most anyone can afford. Her true hearts content is to aid in healing and justice.


  1. jaden says:

    Hey guys, I was asleep and I woke up to like a growling noise, at 3am, so I went to the toilet and I hear a banging noise, then I realise its coming from my attatch neighbour, he gets these attacks, like something takes over him, speaks in english, I heard it say, I’m not his son, and he was saying dad dad in a gruff voice, then I guess he was walking but it was loud footsteps then punching the wall, and saying I will not sleep…. And he won’t remember a thing when he comes to, couple years ago he was out drinking with his friend, and it came on him and was talking to them and mocking them and he or it was hitting his friends, had more power than all off them combined, and the 1 guy started praying and it said u don’t go church and u praying it won’t help, he stopped drinking from that time, but now its like once in awhile this stuff happens, what’s going on?

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