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Finding Hope: From a Client’s Perspective

We’ve been in our current home for over 16 years now. The paranormal activity started the night we moved in and has increased to a malevolent nature over the years. I, members of my family, and visitors have had experiences that are unexplainable. We’ve had slamming doors, heavy footsteps, the sound of something being thrown, objects moved and destroyed, toys turning on, televisions turning on and off at all hours, lights turning on and off, all members have heard their names called, (more…)

Spiritual Protection and Awareness: Mind, Body and Soul | Part 1-The Physical Body

This article, originally for my lecture on Demonology and Spiritual Protection, is meant to give ideas and insight into the many possibilities that exist when one seeks to attain heighten states of consciousness, connections with the Divine, or simply to keep themselves safe from the unwanted disruption of discordant or malevolent energies which may wish to distract or break one’s connection with the divine.  I hold no grudges towards these energies because they are merely doing what I believe God has placed them here to do; to challenge us, each in our own ways, to be better, to become more Divinely connected (through spirituality, religion, belief) and to make ourselves more disciplined in promoting positive thoughts and emotions, thus raising our vibrations to match what some would call “The God Source” or what I would deem a vibration of heightened awareness and love.  As I find myself getting older and learning more, I find that this particular section of my lecture is the area which gains more ground each and every time I talk.  I’m hoping to give the people I speak with ideas that they can use and resonate with which will help them find not only their own inner strength, but a connection to whatever Divine source they believe in.


Ouija Boards – Play at your Peril

Use of the Ouija falls into the long and ancient practice of mediumistic spirit writing. Ouija had a predecessor in medieval China (1100 AD) with practice of Fuji or “planchette writing” using a planchette to communicate with spirits of the Dead – this practice was later a forbidden. The Ouija Board was first introduced as a commercial product by Elijah Bond in 1890 as a parlor game. Years later a young child, Peral Curran, used a Spirit Board and made contact with a Spirit who called herself “Patience Worth”. She subsequently became the subject of several best-selling books and later was a famous Spiritulist-Medium -this widely popularized the Ouija Board’s use during the era of World War I and the American Spiritualist movment. The Ouija Board became very popular in America from the 1920’s – 1960’s when it was widely marketed as a toy as it still is today.


Spirit Classifications

To truly begin understanding how to protect, cleanse, banish, exorcise, or even more simply communicate with any sort of spiritual energy, it is important to know what types of spirits you may face. This is not a complete list, but for most investigators or clients, these are some of the MORE LIKELY characters you may encounter.  Most people believe in ghosts, the obvious first choice for other-worldly contact, but in some circumstances (more frequent each year), other forces which exhibit less human qualities, are found helping or plaguing some of the cases that we have dealt with.