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Paranormal Help Line Podcast

© 2013 Thomas Durant

Sunday evenings will get a whole lot safer, as PCN’s Tomy Durant will be hosting “Paranormal Help Line” live on http://www.LiveParanormal.com.

The Paranormal Consultation Network began in December of 2012 with a mission to give free information to people who wanted to learn more about the preternatural world around them, as well as to those seeking healing and insight from a more spiritual modality. We have been blessed to help so many people afflicted by malevolent spirit activity, given advice to those coming into their own psychic empowerment, and even managed to reconnected deceased loved ones to grieving family members. Now it is time to take the next step: PCN’s Paranormal Help Line Podcast on www.LiveParanormal.com! This is your chance to call in and ask questions from PCN’s co-founder, Thomas Durant, a Paranormal Consultant with over 13 years experience in dealing with malevolent haunting and paranormal investigation. If you are having activity in your home and are seeking advice, or perhaps you are starting to see or hear things that you cannot explain, or maybe you simply want to share your paranormal experiences, then this is the show for you.  Airing every other Sunday beginning in December.




DEC 22, 2013 – EP 001

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  1. Jeffrey smith says:

    Please contact me via e mail as soon as possible. Thank you

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