“Ready for a Reading” Contest

Have you always wanted a psychic reading?  Wished you could hear from loved ones who have crossed over?  Well, just tell us that you’re “Ready for a Reading”!

One lucky person will be chosen to receive a psychic reading over the phone with the PCN’s own Kathryn Wilson (Psychic Medium / Radio Show Host: “Spooky Kathy on LiveParanormal.com).  Kathryn is an extremely gifted medium/psychic with a sense of compassion matched by few others.  Her goal is to truly provide the best information she can to help her client’s better their lives.

Ouija Boards – Play at your Peril

Use of the Ouija falls into the long and ancient practice of mediumistic spirit writing. Ouija had a predecessor in medieval China (1100 AD) with practice of Fuji or “planchette writing” using a planchette to communicate with spirits of the Dead – this practice was later a forbidden. The Ouija Board was first introduced as a commercial product by Elijah Bond in 1890 as a parlor game. Years later a young child, Peral Curran, used a Spirit Board and made contact with a Spirit who called herself “Patience Worth”. She subsequently became the subject of several best-selling books and later was a famous Spiritulist-Medium -this widely popularized the Ouija Board’s use during the era of World War I and the American Spiritualist movment. The Ouija Board became very popular in America from the 1920’s – 1960’s when it was widely marketed as a toy as it still is today.


“Spreading the Light” Contest has a Winner!

First off, we here at Paranormal Consultation Network would like to thank all of you who submitted to our “Spreading the Light” Contest.  It was nice to see how many people wanted to help others and learn more about working with Gemstones and Minerals.  Now, after a week of receiving submissions, it is time to announce our winner! (more…)

“Spreading the Light” Contest

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Angels & Gifts

By: Heather Huerta, Spiritual Counselor

© 2013

I have been raised a God fearing woman.  All my life, I was taught to believe and live by the Holy Bible.  I have sinned, and I have repented, been saved and sinned again.  I am human, not perfect and very curious to experience all of what life is about.  Through all of this, and the many trials and tribulations I have faced, I have come to realize that the cliche statement, “everything happens for a reason” is true. (more…)

Magical And Protective Uses Of Minerals And Gemstones – UPDATED 01/13/13

Each culture and spiritual path has its own set of tools and rituals when it comes to spiritual protection. Egyptians used stones to signify their practice. Carnelian and Lapis Lazuli adorned the breast plates and necklaces of the priests and priestess for the temples. It signified them as spiritual figureheads and aided them in their work. For as long as their history goes, Native Americans considered Father Sky (Creator) and Mother Earth (Nurturer) to be active participants in one’s daily life. With such respect for all things on earth, it was not unheard of for Medicine Men to ask their brothers and sisters of the earth (rocks, minerals, etc) to help them in any number of different practices. In more recent years, New Age guru’s and an array of spiritual healers utilize Stones, Gems and Minerals in their practices of balancing the bodies Auric fields, thus helping to regulate the flow of energy (chi, prana, etc) in and around the body so as to maximize the body’s ability to heal itself. In short, Medicine Men, Healers, Occultists and Spiritualists work with these minerals and gems to aid and enhance healing, protective, physical and psychical energies. It is said that the user of the crystal or mineral can implant or “charge” the crystal with their intentions or some goal that they have for the natural energies of the stone. Obviously it is in the best interest of the user to obtain a stone or crystal that has natural abilities on par with those which are intended during the imprinting process, but I have known Magi, Medicine Men and Healers to use any stone at their disposal if the need arises. (more…)

What is Reiki?

As people are becoming spiritually aware in these times, the word “Reiki” is becoming more commonly known.  Many of my clients who come to me for massage ask me what Reiki is and if they would benefit from it.  My answer is always “YES”!  Everyone and everything can benefit from this 19th century healing technique.

The word “Reiki” is broken down into two words, “Rei” which can mean “Spirit”, and “Ki” which translates into “Energy”.  Together, these two words can stand for “Universal Life Energy”.  In the tradition of the Yogis, this “Universal Life Energy” is called Prana.  In ancient Hebrew lore, it was called Manna.  Today, many people believe it to be God or The God Force that surrounds everything all the time, connecting us to our Creator.

Knowing now what the word means, it is easy to then to understand that Reiki is a modality of hands on healing which channels the Universal Life Energy into those who are in need of physical as well as emotional healing.  I have seen clients with everything from headaches to  sports injuries, anxiety, insomnia, and even repressed emotional traumas.  All have laid on my table, suffering greatly from whatever their ailment was, and upon leaving the sessions, many of them claim to have relief from their pains and emotional issues.  The clients with deep-rooted psychological conflict generally find insight through the session which leads them to healing their own emotional wounds.