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Spiritual Protection and Awareness: Mind, Body and Soul | Part 1-The Physical Body

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This article, originally for my lecture on Demonology and Spiritual Protection, is meant to give ideas and insight into the many possibilities that exist when one seeks to attain heighten states of consciousness, connections with the Divine, or simply to keep themselves safe from the unwanted disruption of discordant or malevolent energies which may wish to distract or break one’s connection with the divine.  I hold no grudges towards these energies because they are merely doing what I believe God has placed them here to do; to challenge us, each in our own ways, to be better, to become more Divinely connected (through spirituality, religion, belief) and to make ourselves more disciplined in promoting positive thoughts and emotions, thus raising our vibrations to match what some would call “The God Source” or what I would deem a vibration of heightened awareness and love.  As I find myself getting older and learning more, I find that this particular section of my lecture is the area which gains more ground each and every time I talk.  I’m hoping to give the people I speak with ideas that they can use and resonate with which will help them find not only their own inner strength, but a connection to whatever Divine source they believe in.

 I have found it quite important to break down Spiritual Protection into three sections: Mind, Body and Soul.  The importance that ancient Guru’s and spiritualists placed on treating the body as a temple has only more than proven itself to me in my 12 years doing work in the psychic and occult sciences.  The better I treated my body, the easier it was for me to access higher vibrational energies in my meditations, and the easier it became to do High Works in order to dispel or repel unwanted negative energies.  That paired with research collected from my case studies, historic occult and religious texts, and the research conducted by Barry FitzGerald, a dear friend of mine, on the subject of diet and the body’s general health with regards to the Paranormal or Spiritual fields, I have decided to place BODY as the first category to focus on when it comes to being Spiritually Protected and Aware.  If the formative world (our physical reality) is in fact the “foundation” for higher realms, then it is essential that our foundation be strong.

Staying Healthy

This almost goes without saying.  I have found that doing spiritual workings that are not of a healing nature can be very taxing on the body.  Even some healers, when not carefully handling excess or disruptive energies from clients, can become sick themselves!  As Luke 4:23 states, “Physician, Heal Thyself”.  How will you be able to help others if your foundation is not strong enough for you to work at full capacity?  Am I saying that no one should get sick, absolutely not, however I am saying that if you are going to be performing spiritual works, it is best to be free of illness, unless of course your reasons for connecting to the Divine Source is to try and heal yourself first, then to allow you to heal others.  I have found many spiritual people with a litany of disabling illnesses who are still able to help others, however they first work to find healing methods that aid in managing their own symptoms or simply don’t do the spiritual workings when their illnesses are in the height of symptomatic outbreak.  In terms of the work that I do in the field of Demonology and Malevolent Spirit cases, I will NEVER go on a case if I feel ill.  First, that puts me at risk because all my personal energies (including the energy of my physical body) is going into healing myself.  Second, I could very well pass this illness to my clients or fellow investigators.  Third, doing this kind of work is very taxing on the body and could make my illness worse, which could lead to worsening illness and most certainly could make my family and I more susceptible to demoniacal attacks after leaving the case, especially if we are not successful.  If I wait until I feel as though the illness has passed out of my system, only then will I proceed with my cases as planned, and resume my meditations geared toward helping others.

In reading various texts by a number of different spiritualists, I found myself looking not only at my general health, but more specifically at my diet.  I’m not the kind of person who will get up on a soap box about needing a healthy diet.  I myself have struggled with my weight and body issues for a vast period in my life, and it wasn’t until reading “The Book of Abramelin The Mage” where I decided that I needed to start cutting red meats and even chicken out of my diet, primarily around the time I was going to do any heightened Divine working or paranormal cases.  Since changing my diet, I noticed that the time it took me to reach “heightened awareness” had considerably shortened.  During cases, I found that I was having less and less negative activity manifesting nearby, and the efficiency of removing or healing discordant spirits increased exponentially.  Now why is this?  My belief is that while the body is digesting red meat, it can take up to 30 days for your filet mignon to make it through your intestinal tract.  It is also much harder for your digestive system to break it down.  This means that your body is using more energy to digest your food, and in my opinion, this diverts useful energy in a situation where you want to be sure you are at 100%.  Also, one can think of things in different viewpoint:  If we are what we eat, then not only our make up but our energy is comprised from things we consume.  In the film “King Corn” Steve Macko from the University of Virginia showed how isotopes in hair follicles contain remnants of what we eat, so that it becomes ingrained into our actual anatomy!  With this being said, I would now like to address fellow paranormal investigators at this time.  There are many of you out there that have gone to abandoned hospitals, mental facilities, or even slaughter houses to search for paranormal activity.  Many of us have come to the same conclusion that residual energy can indeed be left from sudden death or traumatic events.  If an animal was living with a poor quality of life and died a traumatic death, not only can that energy be stored at the location, I propose that the energy also becomes imbued into what’s left of the physical body, and thus we are accepting that imprinted energy into our bodies when we consume certain types of meat (unless you pray over your food or heal/Reiki your food every time).  I’m not saying to stop eating meat altogether, but simply want you all to consider and ponder my hypothesis and thoughts.  Regardless, accept whatever feels right for you.  I am not here to judge, simply to share what information I have gleaned and I openly allow others to accept or deny my ideas depending upon whether or not it resonates with them.

Speaking with my dear friend Barry FitzGerald on the subject of diet and paranormal workings, of which he is quite knowledgeable, a question arose regarding the intake of Sugars in diet.  What he and I both noticed was that generally in the worse cases, people will actually crave non-nutritious foods.  When under demoniacal oppression, clients will often times simply not eat, and when they do, they will eat foods that are high in carbohydrates, sugars, or fat.  We have also found that our clients with the most susceptibility to attacks from spirit are people with poor diet and nutrition.  Why is that?  We know that high amounts of sugar can suppress the immune system for up to 4-5 hours after consumption and also block the bodies ability to absorb key vitamins and minerals (some of which we will discuss below) that can aid in fending off spirit attacks.  It effects our blood sugar levels in various ways.  If our blood sugar is too low, we tend to feel off balanced, weak, lethargic.  If our blood sugar is too high, we get highly amped up before crashing to a terrible low, which can then lead to more lethargy and blurry vision, along with other possible side effects.  With too much sugar, the pancreas excretes excess insulin, forcing the organ to work beyond its regular capacity in an attempt to restore a balance of sugar to the blood stream.  So what does this mean in regards to spirit?  Based on my work, I think that three things are happening here.  First, we have a body which is trying to recalibrate itself on a physical level, and I hypothesize that there is also a shift in our energy fields (auric fields) which is also working to restore a balance, making us easier targets for discordant energies which are attempting to effect or interact with us.  Second, I believe that we are “lowering” our vibration, as sugar acts much like a drug (along with caffeine, alcohol, or narcotics) and forces our personal energies to be spent healing and “fixing” our physical body.  Lastly, I believe that the minerals and vitamins that our body is lacking via poor nutrition and exacerbated by sugar’s ability to block natural absorption, are some KEY vitamins and minerals that our body uses to “fend” off spiritual beings.

Now with this in mind, what kinds of things do we know become simple sugars in our body?  Processed carbohydrates for starters, so eating that big pasta plate before investigating or doing any kind of High Spiritual Work may not be best.  Next, and one that is easily forgotten, is Alcoholic beverages.  When we consume alcohol, not only does it make us inebriated and impair our judgement, it becomes sugar in our bodies.  All these things can block, or even deplete the natural balance of vitamins and minerals in our body.  I believe many of these, as well as some other choice elements, can help strengthen our energetic field from spiritual attack.

In a number of our cases, in my own personal life, as well as the research Mr. FitzGerald has done, we find that certain vitamins and minerals are not only beneficial for our physical bodies and our moods, but also help strengthen our energetic defenses against discordant energies.

Omega 3 – Let us look at the Bible:  Many passages speak of eating fish or miracles involving fish in order to feed the poor and starving.  Is it any coincidence that Omega 3 fatty acids can be found in fish?  You may be saying, “Wow, he is asking us to take a leap of faith here,” but I would like to now show where my conclusion is drawn from.  Omega 3 is one of the basic building blocks for the brain and it aids in keeping signals moving smoothly from one area of the brain to another.  In studies, it has been shown to help improve mood and it is believed that it decreases the risk of developing mental disorders.  Surprisingly enough, although Omega 3 is needed by our bodies, it cannot be produced naturally without the right dietary intake such as through fish or algae.  In our paranormal cases, I have found that when Omega 3 intake is increased, the amount of spirit attacks decreases, and symptoms of Oppression begin to reduce.  It helps the clients to feel hopeful again, and brings more inner peace, while strengthening their own ability to make decisions without external influence from the energies.  Their own thoughts become more clear, and the imprinted thoughts from the spiritual forces become more distant.  Eventually, this is one of many things which help our clients break free from the negative and begin to turn their own lives around once again.

B12 Vitamins – Vitamin B 12 deficiency has been linked with depression, memory loss and psychiatric disorders.  Symptoms can include apathy, physical weakness, degeneration of the brain and nervous system, impaired memory and concentration, sharp mood swings, and in more severe cases dementia and paranoia.  B12 helps alleviate psychological disorders, levels off mood, energizes the body and helps protect against toxins and allergens.  Why is this important?  Toxins in our body weaken us, and paired with apathy or psychological distress, this can make us more susceptible to influence by negative spirit.  Also, if our memory and concentration are being disrupted internally, it is much easier for spirit to manipulate our thoughts and feelings to fit their end game.  I have yet to begin mentioning B12 to my clients, but have been taking it myself for the better part of the last 2 years and I have found the benefits amazing!  As an artist, mood swings are a normal part of the “passion” we feel, but after taking the B12, thankfully my “swings” have balanced out and I have noticed an overall improvement in how I handle stress, especially in the workplace.  I have also, again, noticed that when dealing with external energies, I have been able to keep my thoughts and my energy field clear from even the toughest of entities.  It is your call, but I would recommend this to anyone.

D 3 – Deficiency of D3 is a growing epidemic in the United States.  D3 is produced by our skin when in contact with direct sunlight.  The D3 is then activated once it hits our kidneys and can help suppress auto immune disorders.  But why is it so important?  When we are deficient of vitamin D, we experience symptoms such as fatigue, depression, joint pain/swelling, muscle pain and cramping, weakness, high blood pressure, restless sleep, poor concentration and memory and headaches.  So what does that mean for you?  It means that if your energetic field is off balanced and possibly fragmented.  It also means that any disruptive energies or spirits around you have greater ease of getting through your energetic field to effect you.  With restless sleep, fatigue, and depression, you are more susceptible to spirit attacks.  With poor concentration you become an easier target for their influence on your actions and thoughts.  We see it in case after case where people are under demonic oppression/possession where the client will always stay in a physically dark place, which doesn’t allow for the physical body to produce the D3 it needs to fend off the attacks.  I find it particularly helpful that if I am going to a case where there is a potential demonic infestation, to go for a walk in the sun prior to going on my case.  I also take D3 supplements before heading out to make my body and energy the strongest it can be.

Iron – Long known as an element considered protection against a slew of some of the nastiest demons and energies in existence, we have found that a high number of our cases include clients under attack which also have varied degrees of anemia.  Not to say that the malevolent forces remove the iron from someone’s body, nor am I saying that it is not a common nutritional affliction, however it can be deduced that if these energies are easily disrupted by iron externally, then why can’t we utilize it in our own bloodstreams by maintaining a healthy balance in order to keep ourselves safer from discordant spirits?  Iron is a main component of hemoglobin in our bloodstream.  It carries oxygen through our bodies to the cells.  It also is used in making cytochrome oxidase, an enzyme that helps remove toxins from our bodies.  So with lower oxygen flow and more toxins in our blood, there is no wonder why these negative forces are not wanting it in our consumption.

Obviously you should consider speaking with a nutritionist or doctor before delving into these great vitamins and minerals, but I urge all of you to try and change your diets, even if only for a short period of time, to see how it effects your body and your energies.  It appears clear to me that in all the cases I have been a part of as well as through my various readings of historic accounts and case files that there are several links between these vitamin deficiencies and discordant spirit attacks.  A common side effect from a demonic attack is Kidney issues.  Since the Kidneys effect the way in which D3 is utilized in our body, and considering these energies often like the dark, I propose that D3 is essential to helping distance one’s self from malevolent spirit attacks.  With no Iron or B12 in the body, we have an excess of toxins which weaken us.  Also, without Iron, our blood flow is not bringing essential oxygen to the various cells within us.  Utilizing B12, Omega 3, and D3 can also help us to keep our thoughts clean from influence, and allow us to make more positive decisions.  Along with a healthy diet and working to stay as healthy as possible, our foundation will be kept strong, thus keeping us more protected from the spirits around us that would try to disrupt our connection to the Divine.  It is essential in all spiritual workings to maintain the highest love and connection to Source, because without Source, we are nothing.

Please come back for my next installment where I will discuss how stress effects our vibrations as well as the importance of being rested before doing spiritual workings.  Thank you all for reading and much love and light to you all.

By Thomas Durant

with Jennifer Durant

Copyright 2009


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