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Ouija Boards – Play at your Peril

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Use of the Ouija falls into the long and ancient practice of mediumistic spirit writing. Ouija had a predecessor in medieval China (1100 AD) with practice of Fuji or “planchette writing” using a planchette to communicate with spirits of the Dead – this practice was later a forbidden. The Ouija Board was first introduced as a commercial product by Elijah Bond in 1890 as a parlor game. Years later a young child, Peral Curran, used a Spirit Board and made contact with a Spirit who called herself “Patience Worth”. She subsequently became the subject of several best-selling books and later was a famous Spiritulist-Medium -this widely popularized the Ouija Board’s use during the era of World War I and the American Spiritualist movment. The Ouija Board became very popular in America from the 1920’s – 1960’s when it was widely marketed as a toy as it still is today.

In a majority of the cases we do with severe negative activity there is a history of someone in the family having used a Ouja Board and having something come through – and it ranges from mild contact with a spirit to serious events like someone having something very dark emerge, being given knowledge of the future or things you have no way of knowing, passing out, talking in a voice not their own, and remembering nothing, scratches and claw marks, and then having the dark presence attached to them for years.

Why does this happen from a “Game”?

Well, any attempt at Spirit communication can have negative outcomes because they often are done as an open invitation – “Hey! Anyone out there? Want to talk?”. We’ve seen similar things happen to people who watch the paranormal shows on tv and then go buy an audio recorder and invite spirits to communicate  in their homes. But remember, unlike a session with an audio recorder with a Ouija Board you are asking a Spirit to move an object to spell words in a game – and this is a game that many negative Spirits and lower energies love to play. Many religions and belief systems that have been around for thousands of years have warnings about Spirit communication for this very reason.

So my best advice is not to start or to have your kids start in doing this.

But if you or someone you know has, what next? Do you burn the board?

No. Destroying an object that has been used to summon a spirit or entity can be even more dangerous because it may make that negative entity fully manifest. If you have paranormal activity in your home that you feel may be related to that Ouija Board in your closet put it into a box, pour sea salt over it, and store it outside the residence in a shed or garage – get it away from where people live and sleep. We find that this often helps to calm activity down until a paranormal expert / demonologist can come and remove the board and properly dispose of it. Another very important thing to do is to fully renounce and revoke ALL invitations for Spirit communication – every member of the family should do this – and say “You are not invited and must leave”. Doing this with strong intent and resolve usually goes a long way to removing the unwanted activity from your home.

Ouija Boards – Play at Your Peril

© 2013

David Harvey


  1. Great article david. Been running into this a lot lately.

  2. Kim says:

    Thanks for this Dave, I had an experience with ouija at a birthday party when I was 7 yrs., I was told the first name, and last initial of my (then) future husband. I remember being upset because I wanted to marry another boy. But I was given accurate info. But my point here is… You never know what your kids are up to when they go over to a friends house. Or what they are bringing home. But many parents don’t want to scare their children. Even though they warn them about physical creepers, they leave out spiritual predators. They are VERY real. And will entice kids with hidden knowledge, and the illusion of power.

  3. Patrick says:

    At this point in my research, I feel that the Ouija is no more dangerous than any other form of spirit communication, which I’ve researched and practiced a lot recently. I believe that with a serious approach and the right clear intentions, one should be fine. Hollywood has helped it to get a bad wrap. With that being said… I’ve only conducted four experiments with the ouija over the last few months. The timing has to be right, of course, and I will only use it when the atmosphere is light. And actually, I haven’t had any evidence of spirit communication at all yet.

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