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“Spreading the Light” Contest has a Winner!

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First off, we here at Paranormal Consultation Network would like to thank all of you who submitted to our “Spreading the Light” Contest.  It was nice to see how many people wanted to help others and learn more about working with Gemstones and Minerals.  Now, after a week of receiving submissions, it is time to announce our winner!

Brandy L Badiali-Stone, you are today’s winner of PCN’s “Spreading the Light” Contest!  You will receive a pouch with various healing and protective stones, and as a bonus you’ll also get a Tranquility JuJu Bag built to promote peace as well as to provide protection from discordant energies.  Thanks for participating!

To everyone else out there, come to our Facebook Page, “Like” us, “Share” our posts and look out for our next contest coming in February!  There will be plenty more giveaways in the future from the Paranormal Consultation Network.

PCN Facebook link:


Click on the link to like us and keep spreading the light!


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