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By: Heather Huerta, Spiritual Counselor

© 2013

I have been raised a God fearing woman.  All my life, I was taught to believe and live by the Holy Bible.  I have sinned, and I have repented, been saved and sinned again.  I am human, not perfect and very curious to experience all of what life is about.  Through all of this, and the many trials and tribulations I have faced, I have come to realize that the cliche statement, “everything happens for a reason” is true.

I recently lost my mother, and during this time of helping her through a dreadful illness, I learned much more about my faith and gained some insight as to why I was the one person chosen to care for her.  It wasn’t just because I was her daughter, or that I had a medical background.  It was an assignment and test that God put before me and my family.  During her time of suffering, I began to put pieces of my life puzzle together.  I realized that all my life experiences and prior jobs had been preparing me, as best they could, to handle this difficult time.  I had been given the time, tools, and abilities to care for my mother.  From a perspective, it truly looked as though the whole scenario had been planned. The amazing intricacies of how it all played out became insight for me that it all had happened for a reason.

One example occurred just days before my mother had passed away; A visitor entered my work place, the Zalud House Museum, which is common because many people come to the historic home in order to take tours or book the location for weddings and such.  It never occurred to me that this man was different from any of the other visitors.  The man entered the home and approached me saying, “I just buried my mother today and felt I needed to come see you”.  I thought the statement to be strange but I offered my sincere condolences and asked if the man had come to take a tour of the home.  He did not want to come in the house for a tour, but simply wanted to tell me about his mother being sick and how suddenly she died even though in the days leading to her passing, he thought she was doing much better.  This struck me very emotional, and I began to cry as I had just had 3 wonderful days with my mom, shopping, and going to get our nails done. It had been over a year since she and I were able to do those things due to her illness.  In the middle of our conversation, the visitor received a call on his cell phone and excused himself.  He walked away from the house, never to be seen again. Was this man really an Angel sent by God to prepare me for my mom’s final days with me?  I believe he was. I also believe God had been preparing me my entire life for this difficult time.  My mother and I both agreed that God made it possible for me to be able to care for her during her illness.  Had all the other unfortunate occurrences in my personal life not happened the way they did, I simply would not have had the ability to do so.

Through my faith, I have found solace, and though many struggle with accepting that you can still be of Christian faith while studying the paranormal, I have come embrace it.  Since I was young, I have always had dreams which would come to pass.  I later learned that my grandmother and her sisters, as well as my aunt and even my own mother have all experienced premonitions through dreams.  In my family, we learned to accept the dreams as visitations by Angels giving us information that was meant for us to know.  I also had always been fascinated with ghosts, but I know that the Bible teaches us not to engage in communication with the dead because it is sinful against God.  However, there are interpretations and verses in the Bible that clearly show communications with the disembodied spirits.  So which verses do I believe?  Which teaching is right?  All I can say is that from working in a known haunted location and having my own experiences with spirits, I have found nothing malicious or dubious about the ghosts of the Zalud House. This internal conflict between what is right and wrong is my battle, but I have come to realize that God is leading me on this path to find more answers, perhaps to help others coming to terms with this very same question.

My husband and I are both spiritual counselors and paranormal investigators. We are researchers and teachers. We wish to educate fellow paranormal researchers on how to be safe and protect themselves when they are out on investigations. We have had our own experiences and have visited numerous locations with activity. Our mission now is to be sure that people who are on their own quest in the paranormal field are keeping themselves safe.  This is what I believe God has been assigned to Benny and I.

Some food for thought: “When the Holy Spirit comes to dwell in us; He brings with Him a cluster of Spiritual gifts that were not present in our lives before we were born again.” As interpreted in “A Prescription for Guidance”, by Dick Woodard. (1 Corinthians,12)

“There are different kinds of spiritual gifts, but the same Spirit gives them. There are different ways of serving, but the same Lord is served. There are different ways to perform service, but the same God gives the abilities to everyone for their particular service. The Spirit’s presence is shown in some way within each person for the good of all. The Spirit gives one person a message full of wisdom, while to another person the same Spirit gives a message full of knowledge. One and the same Spirit gives faith to one person, while to another person He gives the power to heal.  The Spirit gives one person the power to work miracles; to another, the gift of speaking God’s message.” (1 Corinthians 12:4-10)

We believe it is our work now to be spiritual teachers and to help people learn how to protect themselves from evil spirits.  We do not perform exorcisms, nor do we want to engage in conversations with nonhuman, demonic spirits. We do believe we have powers to call upon God, asking that his Angels protect us.  We do believe Angels are sent to earth to deliver messages and to protect from evil, in the name of God, Jesus Christ our Savior. We believe in Prayer, and Blessings, Holy Water, Holy Anointed Oils, Holy Medals, Crystals, any and all that is known to protect God’s children. We have been given the spiritual gift to educate.

People of Faith are not immune to the paranormal and paranormal does not simply mean ghosts. I have met people of all faiths who believe in the paranormal and are interested, while others will turn away from it as though all paranormal is evil. For those who turn away, even when they are pointed toward this quest for knowledge of the unknown, know that there are others like you, and you CAN accept yourself for the path God has placed you on.  Our goal is to continue our research, by providing a safe location to examine kind spirits while teaching spiritual protection to individuals with the same curiosity.


1.  Good News Bible New Testament; The New Testament in Todays’ English Version; Fourth Edition;Originally published with the title ‘Good News for Modern Man’; Thomas Nelson, Publishers 1976-1977

2.  A Prescription for Guidance by Dick Woodard Second Edition, July 2006

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