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Magical And Protective Uses Of Minerals And Gemstones – UPDATED 01/13/13

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Each culture and spiritual path has its own set of tools and rituals when it comes to spiritual protection. Egyptians used stones to signify their practice. Carnelian and Lapis Lazuli adorned the breast plates and necklaces of the priests and priestess for the temples. It signified them as spiritual figureheads and aided them in their work. For as long as their history goes, Native Americans considered Father Sky (Creator) and Mother Earth (Nurturer) to be active participants in one’s daily life. With such respect for all things on earth, it was not unheard of for Medicine Men to ask their brothers and sisters of the earth (rocks, minerals, etc) to help them in any number of different practices. In more recent years, New Age guru’s and an array of spiritual healers utilize Stones, Gems and Minerals in their practices of balancing the bodies Auric fields, thus helping to regulate the flow of energy (chi, prana, etc) in and around the body so as to maximize the body’s ability to heal itself. In short, Medicine Men, Healers, Occultists and Spiritualists work with these minerals and gems to aid and enhance healing, protective, physical and psychical energies. It is said that the user of the crystal or mineral can implant or “charge” the crystal with their intentions or some goal that they have for the natural energies of the stone. Obviously it is in the best interest of the user to obtain a stone or crystal that has natural abilities on par with those which are intended during the imprinting process, but I have known Magi, Medicine Men and Healers to use any stone at their disposal if the need arises.

Now you may ask, “With so many stones, how do I find which stone or mineral works best for me?” There are two tests one can do to determine whether or not the stone is working well with the individual’s natural energies. The first, if you are alone, clench the stone in your hand (your dominant hand – Right if you are a right-handed person, and Left if you are a left-handed individual), and hold it to your forehead or chest. While holding the stone there, try to briefly quiet your mind, focusing on your breathing and the most minute feelings in your body. If you notice your body feeling at all agitated, short of breath, anxious, tired, weak, headache, or an upset stomach, chances are you shouldn’t be holding onto that stone for much longer. Other people will actually get an intense feeling of being “shocked” or “pinched” by certain stones. This is another sign that the stone is probably not for you. If you notice, however, that you feel safe/protected, stronger, warm, happy, energetic, slightly light-headed, giggly (yes, some people do get the giggles), then you may consider picking up that stone. Another indicator that some people experience is that the stone will actually feel warm itself, or it will make the person’s hand, or even the entire arm, tingle as if there was more blood flow going to the appendage. These are all good signs that the stone is willing and able to work with your energies.

The second way to tell, my preferred way if you have a friend nearby, is the strength test. Hold your dominant hand against your chest, without the stone in hand, then extend your other arm out to your side at a 90° angle from your body. Have your friend apply pressure, pushing the extended arm downward, and see how much tension it takes to make your arm fluctuate just a bit. Once you feel there is a good judge of your personal strength, lower both your hands for a moment, then take the stone in your dominant hand. Hold the dominant hand and the stone to your chest, for about ten seconds and see how your body reacts. Once you feel comfortable with the stone, extend your other arm and attempt the pressure test again. If it takes less effort on your friend’s behalf to get your arm to flux, then the stone makes you weaker and you should put it back for a new one. If your friend looks like they are straining a bit more than the previous attempt, then the stone makes you stronger and would be a good addition to your protective or healing arsenal.

Beyond the personal tests, there are a number of good resources that dictate the natural attributes for each mineral, however I have included a short list here along with my personal experiences with the minerals that I have worked with.


ABALONE SHELL – Even though this isn’t a mineral, it is generally looked at in metaphysical books as such. Used mostly in Native American Traditions as a vessel for cleansing, offerings and rituals, this item promotes positive and protective energies while strengthening one’s spiritual fortitude. Abalone shell is also said to aid in the healing and building of muscle tissue, as well as promoting a good heart and digestive system.

AGATE – Color doesn’t matter when it comes to this “stone of luck”, as most times it is artificially colored. Agate is best known for its ability to bring luck to the user, but more importantly it can be used to help balance the energies of the Mind, Body, and Spirit. It is also said to aid in inspiration and the awakening of inner talents or strength. As a tool for protection, it is said to have protective powers, however in my experience, this is only when the user of the stone has “charged” the stone to do so. This stone also has healing attributes and is used to assist in healing insomnia, stomach troubles, and tooth / gum issues.

AMBER – This little yellow guy, made from the petrified sap of trees, has recently earned a place in my heart. The stone is known for its ability to soothe, purify, and cleanse the body and energies. It is also good for cleansing spaces when placed within the home. I like the stone because it will naturally cleanse your energy when you leave an investigation and aides in cleansing of homes over extended periods of time from negative emotional energies and even aids in slowing poltergeist activity. For healing, the stone aids in the removal of toxins or poisons, relieves anxiety or stress, and is generally good for all types of healing.

AMETHYST – This is the stone of “True Love” and promotes positive emotions to the user or the location in which the crystal resides. Although it doesn’t work directly as a protective stone, it has the ability to amplify and enhance psychic abilities and personal spiritual will, which inevitably make the user stronger in their own protective exercises. Also, being a higher vibrational crystal, it is easily imbued with the user’s intent, so if spiritual protection is what you seek, then let it be so!

AMETRINE – This stone, when used in a space or carried on the user, will help promote inner peace and calmness and will also aid in the removal of negative energies and tension from the mind and body. It also helps to attune the spiritual energies to build a better, stronger center. This is great when walking into a potentially chaotic situation or investigation. It is said that the stone helps boost the immune system and can help alleviate depression.

AMMONITE – Again, this little guy isn’t a stone, but rather the fossilized remains of a shelled cephalopod. In that, the animal’s behavior and instincts have been encapsulated into this mineral and can be accessed by the user. As this mollusk was indeed shelled, the fossil instills a protective layer around the user and heightens the user’s survival instincts. Fight or Flight! Ammonite also has the natural ability to ground the user rather quickly, allowing one to regain emotional and psychical balance in the face of adversity. Lastly, it aids the user in getting a more objective, “big picture” view of any situation or event in which the energies of this stone are accessed.

ANGELITE – This is an interesting stone indeed! It’s primary function is to aid in the connection and communication between the user and the Angelic realm. It is also said to allow the user to speak with their other guides and even animal spirits. When carried by the user, this stone helps dispel negativity, emotional imbalance, balances the physical body with the aetheric body, and aids in self-expression and assertiveness. Users can activate this stone to call upon Angels or their guides and guardians. Angelite also helps the user to connect to the Akhashic Records or Universal Will / Consciousness. I have had very good luck with this stone in regards to calling upon my guardians in times of need. I suggest this for anyone who calls on Angelic entities or Animal Totems for protection. In healing, Angelite is generally used to soothe sore or inflamed throats, to protect specific parts of the body from further damage, and to rejuvenate blood vessels and damaged tissues.

APACHE TEAR – A true, all around, protective and grounding mineral. This is a personal favorite as I have had much luck with these slightly more translucent BLACK OBSIDIAN stones. Apache Tear is regarded as a powerful meditation stone, aiding one to bring the subconscious thoughts to the conscious mind, bringing forth the light from the dark. That statement is true in its functions as a protective stone as well, as it can transmute negative energies, thoughts, feelings, or behaviors into more positive ones. It’s dark color makes it a great grounding stone, aligning the physical and aetheric bodies and aiding one in remaining centered and balanced in almost any situation. Apache Tear can also be used to dispel negative entities or energies in a home or attached to a person. In my personal workings, I found it to be very useful as a vessel for banished negative entities. In healing, this stone is used to release pain from loss, general sadness, anger, or suppressed negative patterns.

APOPHYLLITE – Not a great general protection stone, however I have found this stone particularly powerful when contacting Angelic and other guardian spirits, especially from the Egyptian Pantheon, as the stone is named after the Egyptian god Apophys. More generally, this stone has been used to connect with the higher self in order to keep the user in the light of truth and acting in the best of intentions. It also enhances psychic abilities and Astral / Out of body travel.

AVENTURINE – This little guy (or gal) is much more of a healing stone, (headaches, sleep disorders, vision impairment), and is also carried on one’s self to aid in monetary issues, however, it does have some useful abilities for Investigators of the Paranormal; Aventurine is great for keeping focused, on task, and mentally aware. 3 important traits that are highly critical in field investigations. The stone also aids in promoting the more positive human emotions (love, happiness, peace, etc.), keeping one more centered and with a more optimistic vantage point, (very useful in field investigations!). In my work, I have utilized this stone in some protective satchels and found it to be more effective in a protective capacity when used in combination with heavily grounded stones. That being said, it did tend to promote a more positive outlook, just what clients need if their situation appears dire.

BLACK SALT – One of the many tools in my personal tool kit. BLACK SALT is a powerful additive from anything to incense, potions, oils, Medicine/JuJu bags, etc. This element is used for removing hexes or curses, of which it is always good to add to an incense burn with similar intention or placing it in a satchel that is geared to do the same. It is also a very powerful mineral for revoking evil or negative spirits. You can place it under the mat of your front door and over windows much as you would with mineral/sea salts. Using it in the medicine bags also seems to keep the pouches safe from unwanted meddling. I have found BLACK SALT very effective in helping increase the potency of incense by placing the mineral at the bottom of my cauldron before burning the herbal/resin mixtures.

BLACK KYANITE – The first time I picked up this mineral, I had no idea what to expect. I held it to my chest and waited patiently as the energy began coursing over my body. It felt as though someone were taking a brush and sweeping me off. I realized that one of the effects of BLACK KYANITE is that it has the ability to cleanse the Auric field and the energetic body, removing any residual “ick” or external negative influences. This is key in my Demonology work because, oftentimes the energy of the darkness is so thick that you get what I call the “Hang Over”. For one or more days an investigator or person experiencing the discordant spirit will feel a heaviness or slight “off” feeling until the energetic body and Auric field are cleansed through natural means. BLACK KYANITE helps this process to a much quicker degree. The stone is better known for its ability to help ground and balance the wearer’s energy while strengthening the Root Chakra.

BLACK TOURMALINE – A personal favorite of this author, Black Tourmaline is highly protective and emotionally balancing. This stone is highly grounding, centers one’s energies and stabilizes emotions, dispels fear, and aids in the creation and maintenance of visualized energy protection barriers (like putting up your bubble), and is a great tool in magick, acting as a vessel or target for energies or entities that need to be bound or banished. I have found this stone particularly effective when worn on the body (necklace, ring, bracelet) or carried on the person in a satchel or pouch. Keeping a piece of Black Tourmaline by the door of your home or personal space will cleanse energies that pass by it and repel any negativity that tries to come by. If activated by the user, this stone can also be highly grounding and even more protective. As it is more of a crystalline structure, the user can enter any thought energy into it by holding it tightly in the hand and thinking about what they wish the stone to do. Black Tourmaline is used in the healing of brain tumors, neuroses, heart disease, and arthritis.

BLUE KYANITE – Like its darker brother, BLUE KYANITE has a very soothing and grounding energy to it. Known as the “Earth Stone”, Blue KYANITE is effective in aiding self-expression and communication by energizing the Throat Chakra. It has also been used to facilitate psychic communication with the Divine Source and Guides by opening the Third Eye Chakra to receive visions in dreams or meditation. Many use the mineral as a channel for answering questions through received images. Lastly, and more powerfully, it is used to help the wearer turn visualizations and thoughts into manifested reality. In my personal work, I tend to use this stone as a grounding stone for children, as it naturally fosters creativity and imagination while still having an over-all balancing effect.

BLUE TIGER’S EYE – Much can be said about its other brothers (Red Tiger’s Eye, Tiger’s Eye, and Tiger Iron) but this is my favorite member of the family. Also known as Hawk’s Eye, this stone helps us to get the “Bird’s Eye View” of any situation and grants us the courage to face our fears and remove the obstacles from our life. BLUE TIGER’S EYE helps us ground by facilitating the Root Chakra while also stimulating the Third Eye, thus balancing the energetic body at both ends. If there is an emotional block, don’t worry because Hawk’s Eye has your back! Use the stone to help build confidence, face deep-rooted emotional issues, and to dissolve any negativity within you. This stone is particularly effective for people with a “Victim Mentality”, which is why I utilize this mineral in Medicine bags I make for clients that are deeply oppressed or have repressed emotions which are anchoring a discordant spirit to them.

BLOODSTONE – This is a stone of strength. Bloodstone has been used in ceremonial magick and rituals for thousands of years. It is another healing stone by nature, but inherently through its healing abilities, one can find uses in spiritual protection. Bloodstone is known for its ability to instill courage, adaptability, to promote decision-making, self-confidence, and regeneration and revitalization. In its function as a healing stone, Bloodstone tackles such issues as anemia, blood disease, kidney and bladder issues, and physical recovery of almost any kind. I’ve primarily used this stone in healing practices, however, if I know a client not only under duress, but is potentially suffering from high blood pressure (generally stress or smoking induced), I suggest this stone as it not only helps to calm and build the confidence of the client, but also works to disperse the high blood pressure itself.

CALCITE – Here is another stone, in its various forms, which has gotten a lot of use from this humble author. Calcite, like quartz, works generally as an energy amplifier, but it also aids in dispersing fear and stress. Calcite promotes peace, awareness, and purification of the astral body. Depending on the type of calcite (form and color), different attributes are enhanced and new uses are imbued into the mineral. For instance, blue calcite is more effective at reducing stress and fear, but it also has the added ability to calm the nerves and promote communication. Yellow Calcite multiplies the stone’s ability to improve awareness of physical, real world situations, but it is also proficient in promoting personal fortitude and self-confidence. Optical Calcite is most effective as an energy amplifier and generator crystal, but it can also be utilized to grant the user a more objective look into personal situations, or better yet, to allow one to see a situation from a new perspective. One added bonus to optical calcite is that it can also be activated by the user to contain psychic information as well as to act as a vessel for various energies or entities. In my work, we have used Optical Calcite frequently to hold banished negative spirits until something more thorough could be done with them.

CARNELIAN – This stone was one of the first stones I encountered in my workings. Carnelian is a great protective stone, especially to wear as a pendant while on investigations or doing heavier occult or psychic workings. This stone promotes creativity and spirituality, aids one in manifesting one’s will, and creates a general protective aura around the user which diffuses anger, fear, and other negative emotions It also helps one to focus in order to cleanse their own aura from negative emotions and imbalance and keeps one stabilized in situations of high stress or anxiety. Carnelian was used by the Ancient Egyptians for jewelry and other accessories, however it was also prominently found in tombs carved into scarabs (the symbol of Isis and immortality) so that it could aid the soul in its passage to the afterlife. It is also considered very sacred to many Native American cultures. Carnelian can be left as an offering by investigators to ask for safe passage on the land, to help subdue any Native influence over an area that would be negatively effecting a client, or simply as a sign of respect if you are investigating on sacred land. As a healing tool, Carnelian is said to aid in kidney issues (including kidney stones), neuralgia, rheumatism, and help alleviate sinus issues.

CELESTITE – Celestial in its name and it’s purpose, this is a stone of contacting and connecting with “Higher Powers”. Think of it as a phone to the Enochian or Angelic realms. Although Celestite is primarily used for Angelic evocation, it also aids in promoting one’s intuition, increasing compassion and hope, and in protecting one by calling upon the “Higher Powers”. I have found this stone particularly effective in magical and occult practices (Enochian Magick, Kabbalistic Calls, etc), as it aids in connecting to the divine, but also because it helps increase the higher vibrations within the astral body, helping one’s energy to almost match the frequency of the Angelic orders. Celestite is also an effective healing stone, one of the perks of connecting to the “Higher Powers” I guess. The stone has been used to aid in digestion, assist with cellular disorders, mental disorders, and in the removing of toxins from the body.

CHRYSOCOLLA – This is another stone that I have been drawn to since beginning The Great Work. A stone for the heart Chakra (Anahata), Chrysocolla is great at emotionally healing the heart, improving truthful heartfelt communication, achieving emotional harmony and balance , and promoting inner strength, love, peace and vitality. The stone is also very effective in assisting in the sanctification of a location. When placed in an area, it alleviates negative emotions (guilt, fear, anxiety, helplessness) and works to transmute those negative forces into more positive ones (more specifically love). When carried by the user, this stone cleanses and transforms the aura to give the person a more loving, nurturing feeling. As much as I wouldn’t wear it out on an investigation, I would suggest leaving a piece of chrysocolla near the door of your home or to place it in the home of a client who is in need of rest from negative influences. As a healing agent, chrysocolla is said to help heal heartache, arthritis, muscle cramps, asthma, Tuberculosis, and pneumonia.

CITRINE – This little yellow and orange stone packs a huge punch! Citrine protects by radiating a strong energy which helps the user to feel more confident and strong in their endeavors. It also aids the user by increasing physical energy, intuition, and awareness. Think of this stone as the multi-tool that enhances your senses and makes you feel like an orange “Hulk”! It’s also known for being a good luck stone and for helping to relieve users from chronic nightmares. When used by a Magus or practitioner, it also makes a fantastic thumb wand, allowing the user to activate and condition the crystal to the type of work you wish to accomplish, while amplifying personal strength and will power to make it so. In healing, this stone handles a wide variety of muscle and sleep disturbances (remember the nightmare thing above?). It is also used in healing thyroid, stomach, liver, kidney, and heart issues. It also helps alleviate depression, addictions and obsessive compulsive disorder.

COPPER – Copper has received a lot of good press from the CW TV’s paranormal action show, “Supernatural” whereby two demon hunters use it in their arsenal to fight off ghosts and demons. This is partially based on the stone’s highly conductive nature, both electrically and spiritually. Copper can be charged by users for a variety of purposes, but it is primarily used in wands and ritual tools because it amplifies and channels (with great accuracy) the metaphysical energies. Beyond the conductive properties, it has the ability to help release pent-up aggression and resentment. As a wand, I have found copper a very powerful ally in the mineral world. I also have found it particularly useful when charged for protection and amplification when placed in satchels with other protective stones.

DIAMOND – “Honey! I’m taking your engagement ring back to use the mineral, okay?” Unless you plan on sleeping on the couch for a while, there are better ways to get useful diamonds. You do not need an expensively cut diamond from a jewelry store because you can get relatively inexpensive ones that still have all the amazing metaphysical properties you are looking for. My personal favorite is the Herkimer Diamond. Diamonds are very useful for a variety of reasons when working in the paranormal and metaphysical fields. Among it’s litany of uses, fostering spirituality, love, relationships, abundance, hope, courage, and strength, this little guy is also an amazing amplifying crystal and can be programmed by the user to do a wide variety of tasks. I generally suggest people activate the crystal as a protective agent, then place it in a satchel with other protective stones so that it naturally amplifies the protective energies within the satchel, helping to fortify the protective energies around the user. I also have a Herkimer Diamond Thumb Wand that I bring on investigations as a means of protection and to do some of my lesser banishing or evoking rituals.

FLOURITE – This stone is as versatile as the color (or combination thereof) that it possesses. This stone is fantastic for balancing and energizing the chakra system. The mineral aids in focusing incoming and outgoing psychic energies while enhancing and transforming the vibration depending upon the color of the stone. Flourite cleanses the aura naturally, and it helpful when worn by psychics, especially when they are doing very critical and focused work on the astral planes. The darker the piece, the more naturally protective it is (generally moving toward the darker shades of green, blue, or purple). Like most crystals, Flourite is easily programmed by the user, and can be charged with any task from protection to aiding psychic development, communicating with guides, or even resonating to dispel physical and emotional ailments.

GARNET – This pretty little red stone packs quite a big wallop. Known best for its ability to sooth emotional stress and removing repressed anger, GARNET is also a wonderfully grounding mineral which represents love, faith, and trust. It encourages trust in your own instincts, love of one’s self and to a devoted partner, and overall a faith that there is always an answer to every problem. Feel as if you are struggling to free yourself from a situation? Carry some GARNET. Wanting to show your girlfriend that you truly love her? Buy her a GARNET. Have a demon oppressing you and making you feel confined. Call a demonologist then go buy a GARNET! Seriously, is there anything this stone doesn’t do? Probably not.

HEMETITE – Everyone should have at least one of these stones in the home. Not only that, if you work in a particularly stressful job, or have people around you who drain you physically and mentally, you should have HEMATITE in your pocket to ward off those unwanted psychic vampires. Hematite, once used for red pigmentation in paint, now is regarded by mystics, spiritualists and occultists as one of the most powerful protective stones you can own. This mineral can aid one’s focus and mental clarity, helps to build confidence and strengthen memory. HEMETITE works as a protective mirror, forming an energy field around the wearer which is known to reflect negativity, bad vibes, even the Evil Eye. It takes stress from the wearer and stores it within the stone, which can often lead to these stones breaking under mysterious circumstances. It also has a number of health benefits as well. It is said that HEMETITE helps cleanse the blood, spleen and kidneys of toxins and illness. Some claim that the stone will also help anemia and facilitates tissue regeneration. This is one of THE BEST spiritual protection stones overall, and one of the first that I came across on my spiritual journey.

HOWLITE – Known as the mineral of “Emotional Expression” and one of my favorites to place in the homes of those afflicted by disruptive spirits, HOWLITE is a milky white stone with a big kick! It’s ability to create a calm and soothing environment is most generally used in facilitating positive and constructive communication with others, allowing people to freely express their emotions without causing harm or emotional discordance. It is known to absorb stress and tension and balances the energetic body while promoting patience and tactfulness. Many mystics have utilized HOWLITE to access the Akashic records, past life memories, and even to aid in astral projection. It has a number of healing properties, the most prominent being that it can strengthen bones and help cure bone diseases. My favorite use of this stone is to place it by the bed of a client to encourage a sense of safety and aid them in getting better sleep. This is key in helping our clients recover from spirit attacks.

JET – As JET is actually petrified wood, this stone is perfect for connecting with natural and elemental energies. The stone is used to filter out negativity, much like how a tree will purify carbon-monoxide into oxygenated air. The stone is also useful in helping control fear and curbing moodiness. It’s protective qualities make it a must have for anyone looking for spiritual protection. Not only can it protect from non-corporeal energies, it is also great for stopping psychic attacks. I have found this mineral most effective when combined in medicine bags with other stones, such as silver, copper, quartz, ruby and howlite.

LABRADORITE – My first run in with this surprisingly powerful stone was when I purchased an orb of LABRADORITE and found that it was easy to use the polished surface as a scrying mirror. Now I don’t suggest anyone scrying until they have read sufficiently on the subject as it may create more problems than it solves, but if you well prepared, I find that LABRADORITE’s surface and naturally calming energies actually make it a safer alternative to the original Obsidian scrying mirrors of ancient times. LABRADORITE’s use goes much further than this though. The stone brings out one’s inner strength and facilitates energy flow between the Crown and Root Chakras, balancing one’s energy. It is also known to help reduce anxiety, strengthen one’s connection to source, and brings with it heightened psychic abilities and the gift of discernment. I have found that is works tremendously with the moon cycles and lunar energy, and if you follow any Tarot Card philosophies, the Moon is all about illusion, and LABRADORITE helps us to see past the illusions set before us.

LAPIS LAZULI – Use in the creation of protective amulets and talismans from some of the earliest Egyptian Dynasties, this is a powerful stone for communicating with the Divine. Lapis is primarily used to open and maintain an active Throat Chakra which facilitates self-expression, communication, and creativity. I have found that the stone is wonderful at activating and strengthening psychic connections and abilities. When doing Tarot, Stone, and Psychic readings, I always had a piece of LAPIS LAZULI hanging around my neck to make the readings that much better. This stone is also known to help manifest dreams and thoughts into reality and to provide protection through a greater connection with guides and guardian spirits and Angels. For anyone seeking to develop their psychic sensitivities and looking for greater control of their psychic gifts, this is a great stone for you!

OBSIDIAN – In the Aztec and Mayan cultures, OBSIDIAN mirrors were used to tell of future events, to collect visions of what was to come, and to give direction to High Priests and community rulers as what actions needed be taken. In the 16th century Michel de Nostredame (also known as Nostradamus) utilized a powerful scrying mirror through a ritual ceremony to receive his well-known prophecies. Now, as I have said earlier, scrying should only be done by those practiced and experienced with safe spiritual communication techniques, so please be warned, doing this without ample knowledge can put you in a very compromised position with potentially devastating results. Back to our friend OBSIDIAN now, this stone in its natural or tumbled state is known for bringing clarity (not just through scrying), aiding in grounding, and helping to heal illness of various sorts. Some believe that this stone is protective and can transmute negative energies into more positive vibrations. I believe more so that it provides a layer of protection around the Auric field which “hides” one from unwanted external energies. Regardless, this is a great grounding and protective stone.

QUARTZ – Think of whatever it is you want this stone to do, hold it tight in your hand and get ready to receive what you’ve asked for. QUARTZ is quite possibly the most versatile and useful stone to have at your disposal for a variety of needs. In science, QUARZ has a piezoelectric effect, allowing it to store energy due to the molecular structure of the crystal. This energy can not only be recorded by QUARTZ, it can also be released under certain pressures or, in our case, psychic stimuli. Many theorize that the ancient Atlantians left QUARTZ crystals behind that contained memories of their civilization. If we can put any belief into that theory, and we accept the science, then it is feasible that QUARTZ can in fact record our psychic impressions, as well as whatever intention we choose to charge it with. If your intention is to have the QUARTZ amplify the abilities and strength of all your stones, say in a medicine bag, then QUARTZ can do it. If you are asking QUARTZ to grant you mental clarity, you can have that. If you want to heighten your sensitivities to the spiritual world, QUARTZ will hear your question and answer you in kind. There is no end to what this stone is capable of, so just ask, and you will receive.

ROSE QUARTZ – This is the kinder and gentler side of the Quartz family. ROSE QUARTZ represents love, kindness, attraction, peace, healing, and happiness. It will help increase peace, calm, and love in an already loving person/environment, but it will also heal or raise the vibrations of people or spaces that are suffering from an abundance of negativity or strife. If you’ve had a dispute with a loved one, share ROSE QUARTZ with them, or carry one with you and it will help resolve any issues (unless you’ve really messed up, then you are on your own). Just kidding! This is another great stone for aligning the Chakras and balancing energy. I have always used this stone for clients that are being pit against each other by an external force or negative spirit. I also find it very soothing to place ROSE QUARTZ in the JuJu bags of children afflicted by discordant spirit attacks. It can also be very useful in opening the heart Chakra and helping heighten spiritual sensitivity while promoting an overwhelming feeling of compassion and love, which is actually more protective than one may realize.

RUBY – Put on the Barry White and light the candles cause this stone is HOT HOT HOT! Well, I’m only half-joking here. This stone powerfully taps into the Root Chakra, which can increase sexual desire and sexuality, however I find its other characteristics much more useful on cases. RUBY promotes courage, leadership, vitality, confidence, and can intensify any emotion the wearer is feeling. My first suggestion is not to wear this stone if you’re in a bad mood. Try wearing a piece of Howlite or Rose Quartz with it to balance things out. Regardless, if you are standing up to a negative person, a discordant energy, or a difficult situation, this stone will give you the energy and inner strength you will need to power through. I have found by placing Ruby in or on spiritual tools I use, it amplifies the strength of those tools and makes for greater effectiveness during ritual. It is also said that keeping a piece of Ruby in a safe or in your car can help protect those items from being stolen or vandalized. In my opinion, use this with extreme caution, and only under if you have already learned to control your inner emotions.

SALT – One of the oldest purification tools of the trade, SALT has the ability to cleanse, to create barriers of protection, and to bless items for ritual use. Many people, when they first realize they have a negative spirit in their home, will sprinkle SALT around all the doors and windows. This is a terrible error! SALT will not cleanse the home first, so all that has been done is actually trapping the spirit in. You can place some SEA SALT or MINERAL SALT in water to dissolve it first, then sprinkle it around the home or anoint the doorways with the mixture to help cleanse the space. I have also suggested clients take MINERAL SALT baths to help cleans their bodies of toxins and unwanted energies. This has been proven to be a very effective method for cleansing the Auric field as well, helping the clients to remove their fear and revoke entry to some very disrespectful guests. Personally, I use SALT to enhance the energy of the Medicine bags I create, to amplify the effectiveness of incense and oil blends, and lastly to contain negative entities when they are attached to haunted items such as Ouiji boards, crystals, ritual items, etc. Used in conjunction with specific herbs (a treatise that will be posted at a later date), the combinations help purify the items while keeping the entity bound so that it cannot harm anyone.

SAPPHIRE – One of my favorite stones, SAPPHIRE is a stone of creative expression, intuition, and turning dreams into reality. Like a number of other blue stones, it stimulates the Throat Chakra, which also facilitates manifestation from the non-physical to the physical world. If you are simply looking to awaken and strengthen your psychic or intuitive abilities, SAPPHIRE, or even better, STAR SAPPHIRE will do the trick. The difference is merely that STAR SAPPHIRE contains an inclusion which generates a refraction of light appearing as a five-pointed star. This is rare, but still easy to find in most metaphysical stores. SAPPHIRE also contains grounding and protective qualities. I like pairing this stone with Garnet to get a nice soothing balance between the Root and Throat Chakras. I have found this combination is particularly useful for psychic communication with deceased loved ones or guides.

SELENITE – Mostly known for its healing properties, it has been useful in slowing the spread of diseases. My wife and I will use a rod of SELENITE under her table when performing Reiki healings. I have also used SELENITE to help align client’s Chakras. It facilitates mental focus and is great for any healing practice. It can also bring clarity to situations which appear chaotic and it brings a divine connection from Source Energy or God to whomever holds it. This is by far my favorite healing stone.

SERAPHINITE – This is not a common stone, however it has earned a strong place on my shelf near some of the more trusted and tried minerals out there. My first experience with the stone was intense. I held a piece of SERAPHINITE in my hand and immediately I began to be hot all over. Not in a feverish sort of way, and not in any way that brought nervousness, but in a way that made me feel safe and secure, as if I was wrapped in Angel’s wings. Since that day, I have utilized that stone in my workings with my higher self and in communicating with my Guides/Angels. This stone helps to heal one’s self, to connect with higher energies, and to ultimately raise one’s vibration to a path toward enlightenment. For anyone who meditates on a regular basis, the benefits of this stone are endless. If you are looking to start on your spiritual path, this stone will get you started on the right foot.

TIGER’S EYE – The Juggernaut of the metaphysical mineral world, this is another must have for the spiritualist. If you are a paranormal investigator and wish to use your psychic abilities to connect to spirit but you also want to be sure that you are protected, wear a ring or necklace with TIGER’S EYE or carry a piece in your pocket and your safety rating will go up without diminishing any psychic connections. As a matter of fact, TIGER’S EYE is one of the few stones I have found that helps strengthen psychic sensitivities while keeping the person grounded and placing a protective shield around the aura. TIGER’S EYE also facilitates self-discipline, clarity, financial stability, and promotes will power. It’s associated with being a stone of good fortune and good luck and great for meeting any goals. Is there any reason why not to have TIGER’S EYE? Not that I can see.


So what good is all this information about the stones if you’re not exactly sure what to do with them? There are many ways to utilize the energy of these wonderfully helpful tools. The first being something that most people do without realizing it; wearing stones and gems as jewelry! It’s as easy as picking out a stone that really “calls” to you and placing it on your body for the effects to begin working within your Auric field. When I first became involved with “The Work” I wore pendants (pointed stones) around my neck. I would choose particular pendants based on the type of work or necessity I had for the day, or if a particular stone drew my attention. Generally I found that seeing which stone “called” to me was always the best decision, as even psychics don’t know what every day holds for them. However, if I knew it was going to be an emotionally trying day, I would wear stones such as Carnelian or Tourmaline. If I was going to be performing psychic work, I would stick with either Lapis Lazuli (for communication) or Tigers Eye (for protection). If I were going on a case or investigation, I would generally wear Hematite, Tigers Eye, or Obsidian.

Now using the stones as pendants was a good general idea, however I felt, at times, that I needed to be even more prepared for various situations, and thus I began wearing natural stone bracelets and rings to aid in the work. It may have been a fashion faux-pas, but the effectiveness of this decision helped me more than it caused embarrassment. Choosing rings for each occasion became second nature only after a year of practice. You can ask which stone best fits which hand (or even finger), and most times, you will choose what is right instinctively, however there is a bit more to this than just choosing based on feeling. Sometimes I have found people will pick stones that are right for them, but may not necessarily be most effective on the hand they have placed it. Generally, people will take in energy from one side of their body more than the other, and diametrically speaking, some people exude more energy from a particular side of their body. I generally use the formula of whatever their writing preference is, this tends to be their “projection” hand. With that in mind, I suggest using communicative minerals or grounding stones on the “intake” side, while using amplification gems or various other protective stones on the “output” hand. This method is particularly effective if the practitioner or user is utilizing yoga, chi, or pranic breathing techniques while activating the stone’s properties.


Often times when we go into a home where a malevolent haunting is occurring, or if we deduce that the client(s) have psychical abilities, we find it useful to leave a satchel with the family. In some Native American traditions, they are called “Medicine Bags” and can contain anything from minerals to herbs, or even parts from various animals whose “medicine” is meant to aid the person in their work or personal lives. For our clients, to add a fun twist, we call them Ju-Ju Bags.

The Ju-Ju Bag can contain many things, but creating one that is purely composed of minerals is a very effective method for enhancing any protection, abilities, or healing that may need to happen for the wearer. The bags can be placed anywhere on or near the person. For myself, the Ju-Ju Bag is constantly carried in my front left pocket in my pants. This ensures that any incoming energy is cleansed and made safe before it enters my body. Some people even make a variety of Ju-Ju Bags for every situation, even on a case to case basis. The most important thing to remember is to be sure that each stone within the Ju-Ju Bag works with one another, and that no two stones in the bag will ever have opposing effects. This can lead to a generally uncomfortable and unpleasant feeling and actually disrupts any work being attempted.

It is a good idea to use the “Stress Test” discussed at the top of the Stone Section as a means to test whether or not a Ju-Ju Bag is effective. Simply place the stones you feel pertinent into the bag (which can be made of any cloth or animal hide) and hold it to your chest. After about a minute, most people can feel some physiological reactions to the bag. If the person feels ill, a loss of equilibrium, stressed, or any other type of tension, then the contents of the bag should be re-evaluated. With every new stone you add, the effectiveness of the bag should be tested.

There are a few general combinations which I have found effective. If you work from a Quabalistic tradition, then it is useful to place ten different stones into a pouch where each stone represents a Sephiroth from the Tree of Life. Kether, the Sephiroth of “The Crown” is represented by Diamonds (Herkimer Diamonds) or Quartz. Chokmah – “Wisdom”, is represented by Turquoise or Star Ruby. Binah – “Understanding” is represented by a Pearl. Chesed – “Mercy” is represented by Amethyst. Geburah – “Severity” is represented by the Ruby. Tiphareth – “Beauty” is Topaz. Netzach – “Victory” is Malachite. Hod – “Splendor” is Opal. Yesod – “Foundation” is Kyanite. Malkuth – “Kingdom” is Citrine.

If working with the Sanskrit Chakra traditions, then it is useful to have a stone for each of the Seven Major Chakras. One combination which is fairly regular, and that I have found useful is utilizing Quartz to represent the Sahasrara or “Crown” Chakra. Amethyst is a great gem to represent the Ajna, or “Third Eye” Chakra. Sodalite has been quite effective in expressing the communicative properties of the Visuddha, or “Throat” Chakra. The Anahata or “Heart” Chakra can be represented by either Rose Quartz, Chrysocolla, or more aptly by Green Tourmaline if you are attempting to keep your chakras in balance. Citrine is a great stone to represent the Manipura, or “Solar Plexus” Chakra. The Svadhishthana or “Navel” Chakra is well represented by Carnelian or Tigers Eye. Lastly, the Muladhara or “Root” Chakra can be represented by Red Jasper, Ruby, or even Black Tourmaline if you so choose.

For my own workings, I tend to utilize a combination of protective stones, such as Apache Tear with Blue Tigers Eye and a Herkimer Diamond, which has been charged to enhance the protective qualities of the other two stones. I have found this an effective protective pouch which proved useful on many difficult cases. Also, mixing Lapis Lazuli, Tigers Eye, and Moonstone can aid in obtaining psychic information or communing with spirit while remaining protected at the same time. Again, everyone will work more efficiently with different mixtures. See what works best for you.


Many New Age Spiritualists will place stones throughout the home to “raise the vibration” of the energy within the home. I agree that this can be beneficial. For instance, having Selenite in the home can make the energy more conducive for meditation, relaxation, or sleep. Quartz Crystals in an area will keep it vibrant and energetic. Hematite near doors, windows, or by the bed will help with deflecting any negativity away from those areas. Keeping certain stones such as Howlite, Flint, or Chalcedony under your pillow can also help with keeping nightmares away, promoting a more healthy sleep cycle. Also, if a client is suffering from a particular illness, stones associated with helping to repair those areas of the body can be charged with the intent to heal and either placed on the person, or in an area where that person spends a majority of their time to help their body to naturally heal itself.

One thing that readers should beware of, is how these stones effect spirit. If you have an already spiritually active home, placing geodes or quartz throughout the house may only make the spirits more active, which may be an unexpected side effect. However, placing Amethyst crystals in the home where a severe negative haunt exists has sometimes proven to reduce the amount of malevolent activity and promotes a more tranquil energy. Generally if a client is experiencing a haunting of any kind, and they do not want ANY activity in their home, we suggest grounding stones like Black Kyanite, Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Tigers Eye, Howlite, and Carnelian. Using these stones in conjunction with specific incense blends can truly make a difference in the lives of the clients we deal with.

If you couldn’t find the mineral you were looking for, don’t worry, there are some resources out there to get you what you need. The book “Love is in the Earth” by Melody is one of the largest and most comprehensive resource guides out there for the uses of minerals and stones. You can also check out “The Crystal Bible” by Judy Hall.

Please stay up to date with our blog. I will continue my protection series by talking about herbs, various uses for water, and go more in-depth into talismans and amulets. Thank you all for reading and I hope you have enjoyed.


STAUROLITE – This stone, also known as “Fairy Cross” was known in European mythology to be the crystalized tears of Fairies from when they were told of Jesus Christ’s death. According to Melody’s book, “Love is in the Earth”, these stones were said to “heal Richard the Lionhearted of a malarial-type disorder during The Crusades”. The structure of the mineral dictates that it is able to find an innate order within any situation. The “Cross” which forms within the stone is meant to help us balance and ground while connecting us to the four cardinal directions or the four magical elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air). I have used this stone for connecting with elemental energies, including Fairy Folk. It has also proven useful to aid in protection from elemental energies, or from chaotic people who simply like to dump their stuff on you. This soothing and balancing stone is a must have for any healer who wishes to ask for divine connection while ridding the body of illness, especially viral infections.

JADE – Planning a vision quest? Bring along some JADE! Many indiginous tribes have utilized this stone to help bring access to the astral planes. This mineral is also used to help inspire wisdom and tact when making difficult decisions and helps to give insights into more global perspectives. For anyone hoping to harmonize their needs in the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms, JADE offers that while helping to balance energies in all aspects of one’s life. It inspires us to believe in ourselves and to become self assured with our decisions and lifestyles while granting us the ability to see how others see us. Being a green stone, it stimulates the Heart Chakra, bringing a healing and peaceful energy to whomever carries it. In healing works, it has been known to help people suffering from kidney and spleen disorders as well as issues with the heart.

MALACHITE – This “Stone of Transformation” is used to bring insight to healers about particular issues or ailments in their patient’s body. MALACHITE helps to clear and activate all chakras and primarily opens the Heart Chakra (because of it’s green coloration). Hoping to help your client release past traumas and clear out their emotional and spiritual bodies? MALACHITE is the stone to do it. It also aids in changing situations in one’s life toward the more positive and helps one to ascend to higher vibrations, hence it’s name “Stone of Transformation”! This heart stone also brings with it a respect for love and friendship and will facilitate more positive relationships on one’s life. Generally, no matter what the books tell us, I have found MALACHITE especially good at helping children balance their energies, primarily to relieve fear and mistrust, while promoting a healthy Heart Chakra and giving courage to these children when they have to face fear. These fears can be both internal (phobias) or external (negative energies trying to frighten the child). I also find this stone very powerful when mixed with Bloodstone to aid cancer patients.




By Thomas Durant

© 2011



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