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To truly begin understanding how to protect, cleanse, banish, exorcise, or even more simply communicate with any sort of spiritual energy, it is important to know what types of spirits you may face. This is not a complete list, but for most investigators or clients, these are some of the MORE LIKELY characters you may encounter.  Most people believe in ghosts, the obvious first choice for other-worldly contact, but in some circumstances (more frequent each year), other forces which exhibit less human qualities, are found helping or plaguing some of the cases that we have dealt with.

  1. Residual Human Hauntings |

    Have you ever had a record (those of you who remember records) skip on you? The phenomenon of residual hauntings can be explained in that very same way. Generally these events occur in areas where specific people experienced traumatic events, emotional upheaval or even the act of death itself. Some believe that the energy of these events (such as the Battle of Gettysburg or a murder) or of the people (war prisoners, suicide victims) who have experienced the event is somehow imparted in the physical materials of that specific location. Other researchers believe that much like a snail, humans leave a trail of energy behind them and the stronger the energy the longer it’s trail will be able to repeat. These types of hauntings often manifest as sounds of footsteps, audible or recorded voices (which relate to that specific event), visions of the spirit acting out the same scenario over and over again without interruption or the acknowledgment of any observers, or in the emotions of the event being relayed to living people. Unlike other types of spirits one may come across, generally it’s best to let these residual haunts wear themselves out over time.

  1. Intelligent Human Hauntings |  These are believed to be the spirits of deceased people that have somehow either become stuck in the hereafter or have decided to stay for any number of reasons (having a particular fondness to a place and/or item, to help loved ones, to make amends for their actions in life, or to bring conclusion to their death). It is the belief of some people that these spirits have the ability to cross between our reality and what some would call the other side. These energies tend to interact with living people, animals, or consciously move or affect objects in the material world. Manifestations can include, but are not limited to, knocking or banging noises, footsteps, audible or recorded responsive voices, the moving of small objects, items going missing, sensations of touching, manifesting smells pertinent to a specific person, paying particular attention to those in similar situations as themselves or to their families. Manifesting objects that were of significant importance to them.
  1. Poltergeists |   Loosely translates from German as noisy ghost. In modern parapsychology, poltergeist phenomenon is generally associated with a form of psychokinesis. The research of William G. Roll and Dr. Barry Taft centered around human subjects roughly in pubescent periods that were suffering from emotional or physical distress, as being the source of the reoccurring phenomena. The subjects often times appeared to be manifesting the activity subconsciously, targeting specific people who are the cause of their duress. It is the belief of some that the phenomenon originates from psychically manifested energies similar to those used in the creation of servitors as in the occult theologies or the Tulpa in Tibetan mysticism. Poltergeist phenomenon often times present with odd electrical activity, such as lights flickering or going on or off, witnesses feeling electrical impulses coursing over or through their bodies (generally while in bed or nearing sleep), or even mechanical or electrical devices suddenly turning on or off or behaving erratically. In my research I have also found that these cases will involve a lot of random spikes in the electromagnetic fields. Other activity includes the movement or disappearance of objects, the feelings of being held down in bed, and multitudes of scratching, pounding, or banging sounds on floors, walls, windows, and doors. Some clients also report hearing names, or a team will be able to collect some electronic voice phenomenon, however most times the voices match the “source subject” of the psychokinetic activity. These cases are typically difficult to close because it relies heavily on getting psychological/psychiatric help for the subject from which the activity is originating, or slowly treating both the stress of the subject as well as treating the space to balance the spiritual (pranic) energies in the location.
  1. Thought Form,Tulpa,Servitor |   Tibetan mystics believe in the power of the mind as a tool for creation, and much like the book, The Secret, discusses manifesting your will by envisioning what you want, the Tulpa, Thought Forms, and Servitors are all creations of mental energy. In some occult philosophies, such as the study of Chaos Magick, words, symbols, drawings, or objects become the focal point from which One’s True Will is directed to create an autonomous energy charged with a specific purpose, such as healing, protection, or bringing luck. Parapsychology experiments such as Conjuring Phillip (the 1970’s Canadian experiment), as well as Bill Murphy’s experiment titled Pearl (from Southern California in 2008), sought to create a “ghost” by using the power of the mind to manifest paranormal activity or psychic impressions which had no precedent in a dedicated location. In the experiment Pearl (The name we so lovingly deemed the created spirit), several audio anomalies were captured in a location that previously had no paranormal activity. There has also been a photograph with a ghostly image resembling the exact details attributed to Pearl. Lastly, Pearl, her murder, and the male murder (all of which were parameters of the experiment) were felt by certain persons with psychic sensibilities. This has lead many of us in the field to treat these types of cases similarly to Poltergeist phenomenon. Lastly, in terms of thought-forms (much like poltergeist activity) these energies can be manifested subconsciously. Say you have a history of psychic abilities in your family, but you’re not sure if you have them, but you notice that things you want start coming to you more often…Power of attraction, right? How about if you get into a fight with you significant other, and the next thing you know, you’re getting a call from the hospital letting you know there was an accident or sudden health problem? Perhaps it is possible that you created a “thought form” which was a mass of all the negative emotions you were feeling towards that person, and that energy went forth seeking its target as a way of exacting some sort of influenced karma on the situation. This is much more common than people know. Intention is EVERYTHING in life and magick. The trickiest part of dealing with these energies is that they can manifest in any way in which the human mind can imagine, so it is extremely difficult to “treat” these kinds of cases. For some cases, it’s good enough to use basic means of disrupting spiritual energies. Other times, much like with poltergeists, you treat the issue by treating the person. In the case of Tulpas or Servitors, which were created by forms of occult or magickal practices, they can be reversed by similar means.
  1. Deities |   Religion is almost as old as man…at least as old as written history. So as humans were evolving (or going about their business after creation), they found themselves personifying the elements and weather, misfortune, fertility and good luck in terms of the “God” or “gods/goddesses” of their choosing. But who are these beings that we so lovingly call Deities? Some believe them to be “Ascended Masters” which have existed as energy since the very dawn of time and have, due to their loving nature, taken us under their wings (so to speak) in order to help us learn and grow. Other’s believe that these gods have been here before us, but oftentimes challenge us, not to help us, but to exact some form of vengeance against wrong deeds or misdirected worship. These deities are as diverse as the cultures that created them. Many will have connective tissue, linking them (via manifestations, symbolism, or name) back to original sources in Judea, Babalonian, Zoaroastrian, Assyrian, or other ancient civilizations. Some of these “gods/goddesses” have also been transformed throughout history to become more “demonic” in nature, such as the Semetic deity Ba’al (translating to the word “Lord”), who later by the Christians became a demon Ba’alzebub. Or the goddess Lilithu who was turned into the demon Lilith, the one who refused to be subjugated under Adam. When it comes to activity, these beings are much more powerful than your average demons and sometimes even than the angelic. These beings will often give their names without a fight and will be easily able to move large objects, distort time/space, heavily effect the mind(s) of those in their presence and can manifest in almost as many ways as the imagination can decipher. The best way to interact and deal with these energies is to find out who they are and research the safest ways to work with them.
  1. Angels / Archangels |   The history of our winged friends, the “angels” can be traced back beyond the Nike of the Greek and Roman cultures to as far back as the Sumerian/Babylonian Anunnaki (meaning “Heaven came to Earth”). But the angels most of us are familiar with are described in the Abrahamic faiths (such as Judaism, Catholicism and Islam), and from the works of many new age Angelologists. According to Medieval Christian theology, there are a total of nine choirs of angels. Each with their own unique sets of abilities and responsibilities. Lets break it down:The first choir also the most powerful includes the Seraphim, the closest in angels to God. Seraphim means “Burning Ones” are also known as the “Fiery Flying Serpents of Lightening” and it was said that one could not gaze upon them because they burn so brightly. They are known to have six wings, two of which always covers their face. These were the angels said to guard the Garden of Eden, they are also charged with protecting the Throne of God. Among them is the being known as the Archangel Metatron. Although deemed an Archangel by name. The story claims that the prophet Enoch was sent to walk with God and was so beloved by God that he ascended as Metatron to be in charge of all the other angels. To be blessed by the presence of one of the Seraphim (some of the toughest hombres on the other side) there is an overwhelming sense of humility and a palpable static charge to the air. In my workings, I have called upon Archangel Metatron to aid me in blessing and cleansing homes.

The second choir of angels are the Cherubim. Derived from the Hebrew word kerub meaning knowledge. These are not the cute little chubby winged babies that Westerners are familiar with. These angles appear with four faces. That of a man, of an ox, of a lion and of a griffin, which later became symbols for the four prophets who comprised the bible. The Cherubim also are known to have four wings covered with eyes. The Cherubim are set to guard the way to the Tree Of Life and are often depicted as bearers of God’s Throne or the Lord’s Charioteers.

The third choir are the Thrones or Elders as they’re sometimes known as make a tremendous debut in the Book of Ezekiel; where they are described as brightly burning wheels with their rims covered in hundreds of eyes. The Thrones are sometimes considered the wheels of God’s chariot. The Thrones are the quintessential image that ufologists point to, to draw correlations between UFO phenomenon and Biblical references.

The fourth choir is made up of the Dominions, the middle management of the angelic quarter. Their job is to regulate the duties of the angels. They are also said to be assigned to preside of specific nations. Some believe they manifest as divinely beautiful humans with a large pair of wings. It is very rare that the Dominions make themselves known to humans.

The fifth choir are the Virtues, the true miracle workers of Heaven. Known as the brilliant or shining ones, they are called upon to instill courage. They are also charged with governing the heavenly bodies to ensure order in the universe.

The sixth choir consists of the powers and authorities, AKA: the Internal Affairs of the angelic order. They are tasked with maintaining the balance between good and evil, both in the microcosm of the human soul and the macrocosm of the Heavens. The powers are the keepers of all history and the bearers of conscience and the distributors of power on Earth and in Heaven.

The seventh choir, the Principalities. They are known as the muses of the angelic world. Also known for taking charge and protecting Religion, Nations, and Great Cities; are also tasked to carry out orders of the Dominions and grant blessings on Earth. They are known for being the root for inspiring Art, Science and other creative endeavors.

Who ya gonna call? The eighth choir, seven of the most battle ready champions of humanity and Heaven.

The Eight Choir is comprised of the Archangels.

These are the angels you call upon in daily life to aide in any number of tasks from healing (Archangel Raphael/Israfael) to protection (Archangel Michael) to bringing wisdom (Archangel Uriel/Auriel). The word archangel loosely translates to chief angel and although only two archangels are ever mentioned by name in both the New Testament as well as the Karan others such as Raziel, Anael, Sariel have been adopted from various non-sanctioned texts. The Archangels are envoked not only in prayers of the faiths they derived from but also in Western occult and Hermetic traditions. In these practices the various herbs, stones, colors, cardinal directions, times of day and even days themselves are appointed to each specific Archangel. In my practices I have found it extremely helpful envoking the Archangels to lend aid in my many banishing and cleansing rituals.

The ninth and final choir, the angels, are the closest to humanity. Their name means “messenger” or “courier”. They are our direct line to the Divine. It is also believed that this order is the very order that “Guardian” angels stem from. Making them the most concerned with the daily lives and interactions of humans.

But we can’t always be as good as our siblings. And with rules like “Don’t interfere in the affairs of men”, sometimes you just can’t help yourself, even if you’re an angel. This is how “The Watchers” were created. Now, The Book of Daniel in the holy scriptures first indicates these beings via the works of Nebuchandnezzar who claims to have seen “a watcher, a holy one” come from the heavens to bring information to Nebuchandnezzar about how to till and cultivate the earth. This is one of the first and most pointed mentions to the Watchers being teachers to mankind. Sounds good, right? Well, the book of Enoch (an apocryphal text) tells us that the angelic Watchers began teaching us all sorts of crazy things such as but not limited to; teaching women to put on makeup, healing with herbs, sorcery, making weapons and iron working, etc. Eventually, as what seems to happen in colleges all over the world, the teachers started falling for some of their students and some illicit activities took place. What happens when you mix Angels with Humans? You get giant evil creatures called The Nephilim. Now never fear, God had a plan to deal with the Nephilim. Remember that Great Flood which the Archangel Uriel came to Earth to warn Noah to build the Arch? The rains came and the Earth was flooded, and voila! No more Nephilim! But what of those Angels who decided to mingle a little too close with us humans? Lead by the former angel Shemhazai (Samyaza), the Watchers were cast to Earth (not Hell like the demons) and forced to stay here till Judgment day. According to the book of Enoch, there are approximately 200 Watchers left on Earth.

But there are yet more Angels who committed the ultimate crime against God…Rebellion. That leads us to the big bad Demons!

  1. Demons |  Derived from the Greek word “daemon”, simply meaning “spirit”. The negative connotation of the word was a development of the Christianized civilizations. Although it is true that many of the “Demons” of today were once deities of other cultures, the most recognized “demonic” forces in the Christian and Catholic communities are the “Fallen”, Angels that rejected God due to pride and the refusal to serve humanity, and thus were cast down by the Angels of Light to abide in the eternal pit (Abyss) to remain until judgment day. These “Fallen” angels were said to be led by Lucifer, the “Morning Star”, one of God’s most powerful and highly regarded angels. The idea of Satan was also introduced in the biblical texts; the word Ha-Satan was the Hebrew word for the accuser essentially denoting that Satan’s job was to directly challenge humanity. In the Kabbalistic beliefs, the Shedim (shells) were creatures discarded by God as shells or leftovers and who reside in their own realm of existence and cross into our existence to challenge humanity. It is believed in various traditions of occult and religious theosophy that most demons exist in varying states of an other worldly hierarchy.

In my experience, these entities are highly intelligent and are not bound by the same limitations of space and time as we are, which makes them extremely dangerous adversaries. Situations involving said entities should be approached with extreme caution and if encountered cases of this nature should be immediately referred to leaders of a religious faith or those with years of experience in handling these highly sensitive cases. Demonic hauntings generally ascribe to four stages; Invitation, Infestation, Obsession/Oppression, and Possession.

The first stage, Invitation, can be as simple as asking an unknown spirit to talk to you (either by Ouiji Board, Spirit Board, Spirit Box, or answering the door and finding no one there).

Infestation occurs when the demonic spirit has entered the space and begins manifesting to the living. Phenomenon can range from, but is not limited to, knocking and scratching noises, loud heavy footsteps, voices with no logical source(may sound like voices of other living people, or can be in various languages, even ancient or little known languages), the feeling of being watched, cold spots, growling or animalistic sounds, odd untraceable odors(rotten eggs, sulfur, putrid flesh, urine or fecal matter), can appear as shadows (sometimes almost solid, slightly disfigured and occasionally with red glowing eyes or black eyes), the movement of heavy or large objects (generally 75 pounds or heavier), headaches, nausea, shortness of breath, chronic nightmares (especially with reoccurring icons, images, phrases or colors). Generally in our studies as well as other researchers we know, often times during infestation, the health and diet of those in the location begins to change. Sleep patterns of the clients generally decline, mood shifts and mood swings(generally towards fear, anger or sadness) become more frequent and last over longer periods of time than is generally noted by the clients prior to infestation. Diet will slowly change where less Omega 3, B vitamins, and Iron rich foods are consumed, while sugars and carbohydrates are introduced to the diet. More information on the dietary aspects can be researched in the book “ The Influence” by Barry Fitzgerald and Trisha Ryan. Another common occurrence during this phase is the mysterious loss or damage to various religious, spiritual or items of sentiment.

During the Obsession/Oppression phase, the demonic forces tend to target a specific individual, causing them to become more isolated (divide and conquer). This unlucky soul generally has a weak will, is susceptible to influence (peer pressure, trends, etc), may have a history of mental illness or depression, or someone with a very victimized outlook on life. Activity will increase in severity during this phase. Physical attacks become much more violent where people report burning sensations, bite marks, physical scratches, the feeling of being scratched, being pushed, picked up or thrown. Added to the nausea, headaches and shortness of breath (which will increase in frequency, duration and strength as time goes on) clients rarely but on occasion, can suffer from various physical illnesses such as kidney failure, rare viral or bacterial attacks, Bells Palsy, strokes (T.I.A), or aneurisms.

Visible manifestations will not only increase in frequency but also in the strength in which they manifest. Shadows can now be witnessed as full physical volumetric apparitions, with eyes that glow and produce light. Many times the entities will appear larger than average humans, both in height and in stature, though people often report several smaller and less prominent manifestations in the vicinity. The final and most terrifying stage is Possession. Many of these cases straddle the line between paranormal activity and serious mental health issues. Let’s remember that the Oppression phase is like an act of war against the targeted person. The ultimate outcome is for the demonic energy to completely break the will of the Oppressed in order to gain entry and increase influence over the life of the living host. The thoughts of the host slowly to begin to be taken over by the malevolent force. The body reacts in negative ways to various stimuli such as religious objects, spiritual and mental enlightenment and pretty much any positive, loving force in the host’s life. Slowly giving them no way out. For pure possession to occur, the host needs to completely surrender their will and soul to the darkness. The host’s personality is almost certainly different than before infestation and oppression began. Malnutrition and exhaustion are often weapons of war that the demonic inflict on the host. At times the host will exhibit psychic abilities or other preternatural powers (such as telekinesis, pyrokinesis) or the ability to disrupt electronics simply by being near them. The possessed can also exhibit super human strength and often times, physical quirks such as nervous ticks or unusual contortions of the body and face. Many cases also report that the possessed will have the ability to speak fluently in languages that they otherwise have no way of knowing, such as Aramaic, Hitite, Latin, Hebrew, ancient Greek, etc. Cases involving possession are extremely dangerous and should not be handled by anyone without extensive experience in these very delicate situations. Investigators run the risk of either feeding into an existing mental illness, of having physical trauma inflicted upon them (either by the possessed or by the spirit itself) or by legal means by which the State (or Country of origin) can press charges if death of the host occurs.

  1. Djinn |  The masters of psychological warfare and experts in disguise. The old and the powerful Djinn are in my humble opinion the worst case scenario in Demonology. Many occultists believe that these are just simple elementals easily banished with a pentagram or hexagram ritual. But these ancient beasts aren’t as simple as they may appear. With reports of Djinn like creatures, dating back to tablets from Sumeria and Assyria, these cunning entities have spent the last four thousand plus years studying the ins and outs of the human condition. In the beliefs of Islam the Djinn were created from smokeless fire. Existing in a parallel universe alongside human kind and the angels. It is widely accepted that there are four types of Djinn, each with very distinctive properties and personalities.

One of the least known classifications of Djinn are the ghoul. The name derives from the Arabic word ghoul literally meaning demon. The ghoul have generally been believed to dwell within burial sites or uninhabited locations and are known to feed off of carcasses or people who fall prey to their cunning. They are also said to possess the ability to shape shift, most notably taking form of a wild animal such as dogs, hyenas or of a victim they have feasted on. These spirits are known for being extremely territorial and have been known to inflict physical pain or emotional torment on those who have crossed them. The sins generally associated with the ghoul are greed and gluttony.

The next classification of Djinn is the popular Shayateen (the basis for the English Satan). The word Shaytan itself translates to mischief or opposing. The Shayateen exist to influence sway over humanity to bring people further from God. It is of this class that the notable demon Iblis derives. Iblis is more notably recognized in Qur’an texts as the only other creation of God that would not bow to Adam. This story is a major reason why people believe that many Djinn have vowed to lead humanity astray. This classification of Djinn aside from being made from smokeless fire, has a number of similarities to manifestations of the Angels. However, pride and hubris are the major sins that they covet. The Shaytan are some of the most devious spirits one could ever cross. Their inherent ability to manipulate our free will and our deepest and darkest thoughts and emotions makes them a dangerous adversary even for the most experienced occultist or holy man.

The next class of infernal Djinn, and the most noted for their strength and cunning, are the Ifrit. The Arabic word Ifrit simply put means “the evil”. In the testaments and writings of King Solomon it is these spirits whom were bound and controlled by Solomon during the creation of the Temple of Jerusalem. These are the cleverest of the shape shifters, these spirits have been known to take almost any variety of form and are said to reside in the deserts. It is believed that the Ifrit are not only powerful and intelligent, but also have the ability of bi-location (meaning they can be in multiple places at the same time) and this is simply just a taste of their true power. These spirits manifest with a terrifying demeanor as opposed to demons or lessor Djinn, the Ifrit show no fear of exposing their true selves. They can instill symptoms of psychosis or bouts of rage in their victims. It is also believed that they can enter through or be conjured from the blood of murder victims spilt upon the ground. If you believe you have come across this spirit in your travels, it is best to offer respect and calmly leave the location immediately.

The last classification of the Djinn is the Marida. Little is known about the Marida but one commonality in all stories is that these are the most powerful class of Djinn and are most often associated with the tradition of the wish granting genie (…for a price). These Djinn are generally associated with oceans or water, making them an oddity (or blacksheep if you will) of the Djinn family tree.

In general the Djinn are not to be toyed with and often times even the most experienced researcher can be fooled by these devious spirits. That is not to say that all Djinn are bad, but one must always treat these cases with extreme respect and humility. In my experience handling the few Djinn cases that I have, I have found several key elements that help me to identify a Djinn haunting. The first is an inexplicable infestation of spiders, beetles or flies. The second is the uncanny ability for these spirits to go unseen, unheard and unnoticed. The third, activity will increase dramatically if an open flame or incense is used in the location. The fourth and final trait is an unexplainable sudden presence of the smell of smoke, charred wood, or burning flesh.

For further information, readers should acquire a copy of “The Vengeful Djinn” written by Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Philip Imbrogno.

  1. Ashuras/Rakshasas |  The Asura (Ashura) are an early Vedic being who are in constant competition with the Hindu Devas. In many ways these beings are similar to the Djinn, or the Ahuras of the Zoroastrian religion. In the earliest texts, the Asura’s managed moral and social behavior(and influence over humans), but as the later Hindi beliefs came into fruition these entities took on a more combative roll. These creatures are believed to exist in an alternate reality/dimension and by the introduction of the deva Brahma, the Asuras had taken on the qualities of pride, arrogance, conceit, anger, harshness and ignorance. The Asuras are known for their cunning and strength and have the ability to appear in any form.

In my experience I have been lucky enough to not confront the Ashura in a location (at least to my knowledge) however an offshoot of the Ashuras is the Rakshasa, also known as night wanderer and THAT is a creature of which I am quite familiar.

In the Ramayana, the Rakshasa were born from the foot of Brahma and have always been a nemesis to humanity. They are lusty spirits who crave sex with humans much like an incubus/succubus and have often times been known to take on the form of a specific individual in order to engage in sexual acts with that person’s significant other. Much like the Ghoul and the Shayteen, the Rakshasa are known for desecrating graves, eating putrid flesh and possessing a disturbing appearance in natural form. In general the Rakshasa are known to have matted hair, multiple legs (five or six), a pot belly, abnormally wide mouth with large fangs, a horned head and possess fingernails tipped with poison.

These man-eaters are master shape shifters, lords of illusion, and extremely wise and fluent in the occult sciences. In terms of how dangerous they are, they can rank up with Djinn and higher level demonic entities. Also like their Islamic cousins not all Rakshasas and Ashuras have a true hated of humanity. But because of the wisdom and patience they possess it is not wise to call upon them for any reason. The Rakshasa prefer avoiding humanity and tend to be known as forest spirits however, if provoked, conjured or possibly even just bored, they will infest and nest in places with easily accessible food sources for them such as apartment complexes, multiple family homes, condos, etc. These creatures don’t tend to react to many forms of prayer or religious provocation, even to the point where during one case we received an audio clip (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) of a Rakshasa swearing at us in Hindi then commenting in English “Your priestly Latin does not work” while I was reading Latin Catholic prayers. We have also found that these beings target females moreso than male occupants and can be very physically harmful to both clients and investigators.

  1. Windigos |  Not forgetting our Native American brothers, I have found it necessary to include a truly wicked creature born of nightmares, the Windigo. Their name comes from the Algonquian language meaning “evil spirit”. There are two classifications of Windigo, one of spirit and one whom was formerly human. There are two ways in which a human Windigo is created. First is if a living person is possessed by a spirit Windigo. The second and most disturbing in my opinion is if a human engages in acts of cannibalism. The spirit of a Windigo is like a wild animal with rabies, where physical contact with the spirit can turn any person into a Windigo (much like the lore of the Lycanthropes/warewolves). Windigos are generally witnessed as being tall and gaunt humanoid figures generally depicted with hair covering the body. When one is in proximity of a Windigo, a heinous foul odor creeps into the air as well as experiencing intense cold with chills and shivers coursing through the body. It is this sensation along with elevated sightings during winter months that had led many Native Americans to believe that these are cold weather killers. These entities although connected to humanity, generally exhibit more characteristics of the animal kingdom, but do not let this fool you. They are still highly intelligent and extremely dangerous and it is safest to leave Windigo territory as soon as possible.
  1. Elementals |  It is widely believed throughout the UK and in most Shamanistic practices that Nature itself is full of spirit. Everything from aetheric Salamanders to Trolls and the Fay (Faery Folk). These interesting creatures can range from benign (like a squirrel or Raccoon), to highly intelligent and highly aggressive. It is important to remember that many of these beings have been here on the Earth long before we arrived. Much like trying to move a bear out of its cave, some Elementals are not willing to sit by passively while humans come in and eradicate the natural elements of an area and build our square metal, wood, and plastic houses. Depending upon which Elemental you have hanging around, there are various methods in which they manifest, and even a wider of variety of things you can do to calm the energies. In my experience, most Elemental hauntings will center around the people who have done the most desecration of the property (or have taken a natural item from a known sacred site or elemental gathering place). The manifestations include but are not limited to; audible growling and scratching, physical scratching, sounds of small feet running (or what appears to be an animal walking or running), musky odors or feral odors (not necessarily rotting flesh, urine or feces though), seeing illuminated eyes (generally green, yellow, or even sometimes red), interaction with pets in the home (not always malevolent in nature, sometimes pets will play very friendly with some elementals), and there is a whole lot more depending upon the type of Elemental you are encountering. So lets get a bit more in depth, shall we? Here are some common Elementals we have come across, important factors in how we were able to identify them, and how we helped the situation.

Trolls |  These a well known creatures in mythology, geared towards guarding their treasures which they have collected over their lifetimes, or better known for living on or under bridges, deterring those who would seek passage. In today’s world however, these creatures of old can be quite menacing to unsuspecting families, however keep in mind that they believe WE are the trespassers. Generally they will have the common manifestations as described above, but what really helps us determine if we are encountering a Troll is looking at the location of the haunting. If you are in any sort of valley or have a water way such as a creek, river, or run off nearby, you could be in the prime real estate of a Troll. Trolls also have a very deep musky odor like an old bear would have. Also, it is important to note that when you are encroaching on a Troll’s territory (or a family of Troll), you will generally hear a knocking sound of wood on wood or rock on wood, almost like beating a stick against a tree. So if you have met these criteria, what should you do? My favorite method of handling the Trolls has always been leaving an offering of Raw Meat (generally red meat) in an area out of the way and letting the trolls know you are leaving it for them. I have read that you can also leave shiny objects to grab their attention, but I find that much more helpful in the cases of the Fay rather than with Trolls. Also, doing an elemental banishing ritual such as a Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram or Hexagram geared towards banishing Earth energies can help. But I’m always about trying to find the mutually beneficial approach rather than trying to assert my dominance. Remember, these Elementals can also still be our friends, and who better to guard your home?

Elves |  Several years ago, our team had the pleasure of working with a family from the UK who was experiencing some of the most relentless and troublesome hauntings I have ever encountered. The woman of the home was having experiences of being “pricked” all over her body, the sensations of strange tingling, the feeling of little “feet” walking all over her, not to mention hearing little footsteps everywhere in the home, hearing scratching noises, what sounded like small children giggling whenever she was being tormented, and this activity followed her day and night, no matter where she went. Upon examination and several investigations over the course of many years, we were able to determine that the activity was caused by a type of Fay known as Elves. My colleague Dave Harvey deduced this when he discovered a 17th century text entitled “The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns, and Fairies” by Reverend Robert Kirk. In the book, Rev. Kirk describes numerous people’s interactions with various Fay from Ireland. The depictions of Elves and the trouble they raise was almost verbatim what our client was experiencing. So with that, we began on our quest to find ways to rid the home and our client of these creatures. I will note, the Elves are a ferocious! In our experiences, they work in tribes or large groups. If you remove some, others will stay and bring in more. It sounds ridiculous to anyone who has never experienced them, but they are as resilient as cockroaches. Be prepared to do a thorough house cleansing if you cannot strike a deal with them. It is said by paying tribute to them by planting flowers or herbs around the home can help, as will placing shiny objects for them to take. And this will generally work with regular Faery, but not always with the elves. If you are working to banish them, the most effective means we have found was to build an incense blend based with Cedar, Anise, and a bit of Camphor* (be aware camphor can be toxic to inhale, so please use proper ventilation). Also, if you work in other pantheons of theology, invoking the Nordic god Thor (as he rid the land of Elves with the help of Mjǫlnir the hammer) can be an effective mode to release these energies from a home. Simply burning Cedar incense nightly for several weeks should help lessen the activity however.

Faery |  Ever see little twittering lights, hear giggling noises from seemingly nowhere and everywhere, and then wonder what the heck happened to your brand new shiny phone? Have you ever had strange paranormal activity and lost a necklace, ring or coin that went the way of every missing left sock? If these ring a bell and you have had other activity indicative to elemental beings, you may in fact be experiencing a Faery haunting. Some Faery hauntings are very benign and only come across as mischievous. There are, however, times where clients have in some way ticked off these little time bombs, and at that point, all hell breaks loose. We have found the best way to deal with these little guys and gals is to plant some trees or flowers (especially lavender or rosemary bushes) around the home. Also, leaving coins specifically for them outside can have a calming effect. There are even people who place Faery doors or Faery homes outside the house to appease the wee people. If you must give them the boot, doing an Earth banishing can work, as will burning dragon’s blood or placing Osha Root above the doors and windows (after burning Sage and Sweet grass). But best with these, and all Fay, to call in someone who works with those energies through their religious or spiritual practices.

This concludes the current list of energies which we will discuss in this article.  Hopefully this information is a useful tool in your arsenal of knowledge.  Feel free to post in the comments section to discuss this topic at greater length.

©2011 - Thomas Durant (with Lisa Arnold) - From "Practical Paranormal Protection: Basic Field Guide of Demonology and Spiritual Protection for the Paranormal Investigator"


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  3. Helllo 🙂 I loved this article, especially when I got to the Demon section. I was wondering who would be the best to contact for help on this because there is a situation in my life, not me, but my mother. I have tried contacting others that advertised that they knew what to do and could help but I received no replies, even from the church. Sorry that it’s not a haunting :/ Thanks so much for reading.

    Errika ❤

    • Hello Errika,

      If you visit our site, you can contact a number of the consultants. David Harvey and myself (Thomas Durant) have extensive experience with demonic hauntings and come from a wide based approach. Benny and Heather Huerta as well as Kathryn Wilson also have experience in demonology but they come form a more Christian or Catholic based perspective. Check out all our bios and under “Contact” you can connect with the person who you feel will best help your situation.

      Thank you so much for re-posting this blog and we hope that we can help you.

      Thomas Durant

    • Hey again Erikka,

      My wife and I have been finishing our holiday vacation and I will be sure to respond to your email this week. Thank you for your patience.


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      I am hrilled that you have been enjoying our articles. It has always been my hope to get highly detailed “working knowledge” out there for others in this highly surprising field. I hope you continue to read our articles and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us regarding questions, comments, or additional data you find helpful.

      Tomy D

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  7. […] So what if your pest problem is more Paranormal in nature?  Well this blend is massively effective in promoting peace in one’s household.  Rosemary, Lavender, Lemon Grass and Camphor are used in incense or oil blends which are meant to repel, expel, and deter negative entities while promoting a more positive and calming atmosphere.   I suggest this blend primarily if you are experiencing Poltergeist type activity, Elemental based phenomena, or the early stages of Demonic infestation. For more information about those subjects, please read my article entitled “Spirit Classifications”. […]

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